The Titanis: Prehistoric Bolivia

by Andre

The Titanis walleri was an animal that a lot of people probably don't know about. It was a giant bird predator that was the descendent of the dinosaurs. Titanis was one of the top predators of South America. It was 8-10 feet tall. Instead of teeth, the Titanis had a very sharp beak that it used to jab into the neck of its prey. Titanis' enemies were wolves, mountain lions and saber toothed tigers. It preyed on horses, glyptodonts, and baby saber toothed tigers. Scientists say that titanis probably went extinct because it couldn't compete with mammals like the saber toothed cat, dire wolf, or mountain lions. Since the Titanis was pretty much a lone hunter, it couldn't protect its food from animals that traveled and hunted in packs and they would take its food away. The Titanis is a type of "terror bird".

Submitted 2015-03-31

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