The Carnotaurus: Prehistoric Bolivia

by Andre

The Carnotaurus was a very strong carnivore that lived during the Cretaceous Period. It was between 26 and 30 feet long and had a very strong neck. The Carnotaurus was a very odd looking animal. It had two horns on its head like the Allosaurus, and it had four fingers on its hands and its arms were probably smaller than those of the T-Rex. Its name means "Cretaceous Bull". The Carnotaurus went extinct 66 million years ago. It's fossils were discovered in 1984 in Chubut, Argentina, and it roamed much of South America. It preyed on the Styracosaurus and Iguanadon.

Have you ever seen the Disney movie "Dinosaur"? If you haven't, you could watch it and you'd probably see what the Carnotaurus looks like.

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Submitted 2015-03-05

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