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Moxos Tours specializes in eco-tourism in the department of Beni, Bolivia. Their offices are located in the capital city of Trinidad, just 2 blocks from the main plaza. They’ve got over 20 years of experience in providing tours in the area. Owner Ernesto Rodas is really knowledgeable about the area. He knows the history well and in detail and is well-known and received by the indigenous peoples of the area. Many of his tours include visits to nearby towns so tourists can learn about the Moxos culture.

The department of Beni recently began a massive campaign to improve tours in the area and increase the flow of tourism to this, one of Bolivia’s most beautiful departments. “Beniana” culture was historically an aqua-culture. The department of Beni is densely forested and tropical and has more bodies of water than any other area of Bolivia, including the much more well-known Bolivian Pantanal. Through this department run numerous rivers, the largest being the Ibare, Madre de Dios, Mamoré, and Madera, all of which are tributaries of the Amazon. There are also many lakes and lagoons. Much of the transportation in this region is by river and many of the communities are settled along riverbanks.

Because of this, Beni is one of the best areas for eco-tourism in the country. It is also the best region of Bolivia for bird watching as there are more bird species here than anywhere else on the continent. Horseback riding, river tours, fishing trips, tours of indigenous villages, camping, wildlife observation and jungle treks are popular tours. The most popular tour in Beni may be the Ibare river tour as people attempt to get a glimpse at the very shy pink river dolphins that reside in the area. Trinidad has also worked hard to develop several very interesting archeological and wildlife-related museums.

Trinidad and several other smaller towns in Beni were also mission towns established by the Catholic Church during the colonization period. Therefore Beni also has a very interesting mission tour circuit that includes stops in San Javier, San Pedro, Loreto, Trinidad and San Ignacio de Moxos (the latter is a Jesuit mission town that participates in the International Baroque Music Festival that draws thousands to Bolivia every two years).

Moxos Tours arranges tours all over the department to cities and towns such as Trinidad, Ibiato, Rurrenabaque, Casarabe, Guayaramerín, San Ignacio de Moxos, and others, as well as jungle and river tours, treks and wildlife observation tours, bird watching and fishing tours.

Beni has a ways to go in terms of tourist infrastructure. Except for Trinidad, where you can find almost anything, most tourism involves very basic infrastructure and lodging. You must be mentally prepared to enjoy your natural surroundings and leave the amenities you are accustomed to in the city behind. Please also note that the wildlife is truly wild and therefore shy of visitors. You could get really lucky or have a hard time seeing wildlife here. Being very silent during your river tours or jungle treks is important.

Ernest Rodas has also established a foundation to promote tourism in the department of Beni called Fundetur. He works actively with the Prefecture of the department (his daughter Mariana is the Director of the Prefecture’s Tourism Office) to promote healthy, natural, historical, and archeological tourism throughout the region. Moxos Tours also owns and operates their own river boats. His brother Roger Rodas also owns river boats and his own travel agency. His son Mario and his wife also work with the family on tours, and his daughter Gabriela speaks near-perfect English. It’s truly a family-operated travel agency with all members actively participating to promote the region. All are very knowledgeable about the history and archeology, geology and topography.

Moxos Tours also owns a small farm just 5 minutes from town where you can do some horseback riding, pitch a tent, or stay the night at the family farmhouse where they’ll prepare typical breakfasts and meals for you. At the farm you can see ducks and birds, blue and yellow macaws, a capybara or two, and several other animal species at any given moment. The entire family really is involved in ensuring visitors to Beni enjoy a truly authentic regional experience and leave loving Beni and it’s nature and wildlife.

Be prepared to get down and dirty in Beni, Bolivia’s “go-green” capital! For tours in Beni you can use the secure online form below to contact Moxos Tours.

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