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If you're looking for facts about Bolivia, this is a listing of all the pages you'll find on our Facts about Bolivia Home Page in the form of a simple no-frills list of links. If you arrived to this page from the BOLIVIA FOR KIDS section, you can return to the Bolivia For Kids Home Page here.

Bolivia Facts and Trivia

Site map of our Bolivia Facts pages

Bolivia Facts Home Page
The green Bolivia Facts button to your left is on every page of the site

Fast Facts About Bolivia
A shortlist of interesting facts about Bolivia that make the country famous

Bolivia Facts Site Map
That’s this page. Click on Facts Map to return here if you ever get lost

Fun Facts About Bolivia
How our big Bolivia facts section works. Helps you find facts about Bolivia

Bolivian Facts for Kids
Bolivia for Kids, Bolivia facts for kids and teachers

Bolivia Trivia
Fun, odd, strange, interesting, facts about the country Bolivia and culture

Bolivian Food Facts
Bolivian recipes, restaurants, groceries, markets, food customs

Bolivian Traditions
Bolivian culture and lifestyle plus social, dining, and business customs

History of Bolivia
Four Bolivia history pages: ancient, colonial, post-colonial, and modern

Bolivia Government
Several pages: constitution, types, branches, capital city, independence

Bolivia Geography
Location and topography plus national and local maps, and travel maps.

Bolivian National Emblems
National anthem, flags, national bird, national animal, national flower, etc.

Bolivia Politics
Political parties, structure, voting, political trivia, elections, autonomy

Population of Bolivia
Bolivia population demographics, ethnic groups, immigrants, Bolivia people

Famous People from Bolivia
Famous artists, musicians, politicians, writers, military heroes, and more.

Major Cities of Bolivia
Capital cities, largest cities, best known or most visited cities of Bolivia

Economy in Bolivia: Then and Now
A brief history of the economy of Bolivia plus today's economic trends.

Economy in Bolivia: Statistics
Economy of Bolivia, Bolivian money, Bolivia currency, Natural resources

Bolivia Trivia and Fun Facts

Bolivian Sports
Traditional Bolivian sports, famous Bolivian athletes, Bolivia sports news

Bolivian Games
Traditional games, usually played at festivals with typical Bolivian music.

Banking in Bolivia
Bolivia currency, banks, Bolivian money, transfer, exchange, conversion

Bolivia Climate
The Bolivian climate by region, weather in Bolivia, seasons, temperatures

Bolivian Festivals and Holidays
Bolivian holidays, public, national, special occasions, festivals, UN, events

Bolivian Myths and Legends
Bolivian legends, beliefs, storytelling, and mythology

Education in Bolivia
Bolivia education, public and private schools, state and private universities

Bolivia News and Current Events
Current events in Bolivia, Bolivia news updated live, newspapers, videos, articles

Wildife in Bolivia
Bolivian birds and animals, endangered species, rainforest videos, zoo

Bolivian Art and Artists
Learn about some famous Bolivian artists

Bolivian Music
Bolivian music types by region, videos, musicians, instruments, dance

Bolivian Sports
All the different sports, athletic activitiies, famous athletes

Bolivian Clothing
A description of typical Bolivia clothes, traditional and modern

Bolivia Religion
The main religions present in Bolivia and indigenous beliefs.

Travel to Bolivia
Bolivia travel and transportation, hotels, airports, airlines, visas

Live in Bolivia
Cost of living in Bolivia, housing, schools, residency, utilities, etc.

Work in Bolivia
How to do business in Bolivia, invest, job search, start a company

Study in Bolivia
Information for foreign exchange students in Bolivia, adult study too

Volunteer in Bolivia
How, where, when and with whom to volunteer in Bolivia

Facts about Bolivia Home Page | Bolivia for Kids

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