Bolivian Restaurant Review: La Floresta Restaurant in Tarija Bolivia

(Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

La Floresta is a huge outdoor restaurant in Tarija Bolivia with a great pool. It serves delicious typical Bolivian food. Although it's a typical 'steak house' see why we think this is a great place to eat in Tarija for vegetarians too!

We went straight from arriving at the airport to lunch at this, one of the largest restaurants in Tarija. It has ample parking, a huge salon or hall for events inside, dozens of tables under the shade outside, a playground for kids, and a really big pool.

You can try a wide variety of typical or traditional Bolivian foods here because everything is served buffet style. Simply choose a table inside or outside by the pool, order a drink, and then walk inside to the large salon where you'll see several big tables filled with over a dozen types of delicious salads, and hot side dishes including fried, baked and mashed potatoes, yucca (manioc), fried plantain, black beans, various types of rice, plus fish, chicken, meat, sausage, and more.

Back outside you can enjoy great natural fruit juices (with water or milk or just fresh squeezed), sodas or some of Tarija's best wines at La Floresta.

You'll see a large grilling area where meats will be deliciously slow-cooking over an open pit nearby. You might be surprised to learn that one regional favorite delicacy is 'chivo' (goat), as it is in Santa Cruz as well.

If it's very hot outside you can enjoy a dip in the pool for a small extra fee, or just lay out on the poolside and take in the sun as you sip a cold drink.

There's plenty of space for kids to run and play and they don't have to worry about being quiet. There are also swings, and a playground area. Nobody expects kids to be still and quiet at La Floresta or any other of the outdoor country restaurants in Tarija.

Because it has such a good variety of vegetables (steamed and raw), salads, fruits, rice, potato, plantain and yucca side dishes, this is a great restaurant for vegetarians too! You won't feel like you have to special order anything or like you're asking someone to go out of the way to adjust their foods for you. Bolivians like their grilled meat, but this place has lots of choices for everyone! Rather eat somewhere else? To find more great Tarija restaurants click on the 'Food' link below.

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