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One of the most beautiful ways to see Bolivia is by cycling or biking across the country. This is our “Biking Bolivia” travel forum for those who will tour by bicycle or motorcycle. Use this forum to enter any questions you may have. To share your experiences with biking Bolivia, please consider whether or not you can answer some of these questions as you share your travel story. You can also attach up to 4 photos.

Este foro es para quienes viajan por Bolivia en bicicleta o motocicleta. Usa este foro para ingresar tus preguntas. Si ya viajaste por Bolivia en bicicleta o moto y deseas compartir tus experiencias, considera si puedes contestar algunas de estas preguntas en tu recuento. También puedes compartir hasta 4 fotos.

See Bolivia by bike or motorcycle

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Pregunta u Opina Acerca del Ciclismo en Bolivia

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Motorcycle Stunt Rider Aaron Colton Tours Bolivia 
Motorcycle stunt rider Aaron Colton toured Bolivia in 2013 on his motorcycle. His goal: to follow in the footsteps of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid …

Cycling tours that are not Death Road? 
Are there any companies in Bolivia that can help plan and prepare (or guide) cycling tours to places other than the Road of Death? I don't fancy dying …

Bicycling in Bolivia for a meandering traveler 
My Name is Paul Slater, I run a Nonprofit Community Bicycle Shop in Miami, Florida. I will be traveling in Bolivia for 2 months. i need access to an decent …

Buying a bike in la paz 
Hi. We are thinking of buying a bike and riding it down to Argentina. Do you know if it is easy for foreigners to obtain the necessary papers, license …

Where to buy motorcycles in Santa Cruz, Bolivia 
You can buy a motorcycle in Santa Cruz Bolivia if you plan to tour Bolivia in this manner. Here's the contact information for Honda and Kawasaki dealers …

Cycling Bolivia: International Drivers License for Motorcycles 
If you plan to tour Bolivia by motorcycle, you must have an international driver's license and be at least 18 years of age. If you haven't acquired one, …

Age requirements for drivers' license for car or motorcycle? 
What is the age requirement for driving a car in Bolivia? Is it the same for a motorcycle or scooter? Thanks.

Bolivia Travel and Tourism: Biking in Bolivia on the Worlds Most Dangerous Road 
If you're looking for the ultimate adventure destination in Bolivia and enjoy biking, the Bolivia Road of Death truly lives up to its name. Though not …

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