Cycling Bolivia: International Drivers License for Motorcycles

If you plan to tour Bolivia by motorcycle, you must have an international driver's license and be at least 18 years of age. If you haven't acquired one, you can get one at a local "Automóvil Club" (similar to the AAA in the United States).

In Santa Cruz, for example, you would contact:

3er Anillo, entre Banzer y Beni
(behind the big Hipermaxi grocery store)
Tel: (591-3) 342-5013 or 342-2381 or 342-5015
Contact: Martha Bucett

There (at the ACB in Santa Cruz) the requirements to obtain an international driver's permit are:

- Current valid passport
- National driver's license from your country (not expired)
- 2 photos (4x5 cms.) with a white background
- Deposit Bs. 470 to account number 1041251569 at the Banco Económico
- or, deposit Bs. 470 to account number 1-3076367 at the Banco Unión

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