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Wildlife in Bolivia is amazing and so are our friends at WWF Bolivia. You wouldn't believe how much they work to make people aware of the need to care for our Earth. WWF Bolivia works with projects involving Bolivian environmental conservation and climate change and throughout the world, and they recently agreed to provide you some of their best information and photos! Amazingly, Bolivia is home to 40% of the world's biodiversity. In Bolivia WWF is working urgently to save the Amazon Rain Forest and the Pantanal, two of the most biodiverse regions on Earth, both found right here in Bolivia. WWF also organizes Earth Hour all over the world! Bolivia was the first country in Latin America to participate! Read more about WWF Bolivia (and the articles they're contributing) here. WWF Bolivia provided these articles and beautiful photos. Subscribe to our Blog to find out when we add more facts about Bolivian animals here.

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WWF Bolivia publishes a quarterly magazine for kids, in Spanish, to create awareness about environmental conservation. Click the picture to read more and download a free issue.

WWF Bolivia publica una revista trimestral para niños, en Español, para enseñarles acerca de la conservación ambiental. Haz clic en la siguiente imagen para descargar un ejemplar gratuito.

Pantanal Gang - Pandilla Pantanera and WWF Bolivia have teamed up to bring you the WWFolio quarterly newsletter and provide you information on all of the important work WWF is doing in Bolivia. WWFolio is a completely digital newsletter that is sent to your inbox free, four times a year.

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