What are Bolivia's major exports and imports?

by Jessie

What are the major Bolivian exports and imports, and where are they located? I need this to make a product map.

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Jan 30, 2017
by: Derik james hill 7th grade

first time on this site and got good results thank you who ever made this website.


My pleasure, Derik.

Apr 24, 2012
what is it?
by: Bobby Joe Junior

It can be good but it also can be bad and it can give a lot of good info it can probably give a lot more so if you read it good you can get a lot of info off of it.But if you don't read it you won't get good info so read it and you will get good info

Feb 28, 2012
by: shady

this website give off good info so stop hating peeps piece out

Feb 21, 2012
Bad Stuff
by: A sixth grader

This thing that I just looked at gave me no information about the topic. And I think that you should give more information and not just kid around im seriious if have a website that is suppose to give information give it and give it good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 13, 2011
Bolivian exports and imports - natural resources
by: Bolivia for Kids

You can find out more about the natural resources found in the state of Santa Cruz (eastern Bolivia) on this page:


Santa Cruz is Bolivia's largest state (Bolivia has 9 states which we call departments). Santa Cruz alone produces about 64% of all the food in Bolivia and contributes about 35-39% of Bolivia's gross national product, which is why we have more specific information on Santa Cruz than other states. Economists go so far as to call Santa Cruz "the economic engine of the country".

See more about the natural resources of Bolivia on this page, which also states which part of the country each is from:


You'll be able to read more about this subject, including what Bolivia's main exports are, on our page about the economy in Bolivia here:


Bolivia's economy is very resource-dependent. This means the country depends highly on the sale and/or export of its natural resources, more than manufactured or industrial products.

Bolivia imports millions of products each year such as clothing, cosmetics, canned and prepared food products, pharmaceutical products, electronics and household appliances, vehicles of all types (cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, jet skis, 4 wheelers), construction materials (ceramic tiles and flooring, bathroom fixtures, etc.) and much more: from the US, Europe, and surrounding countries, primarily Brazil, but also Chile, Peru and Argentina.

Hope this helps for your product map!

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