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The weather in Bolivia varies greatly from one region to the next on any given day due to the great difference in elevations and topography. Western Bolivia is mostly mountainous, central Bolivia is the country's valley region, and northern and eastern Bolivia are mostly flat, hot and tropical. There are deserts in some regions too.

Weather and  Climate in Bolivia

For general descriptions of the climate in Bolivia by region, visit our Bolivia Climate Home Page where you'll find a general narrative of what the weather, climate and seasons are like in different areas of the country.

Bolivia has 9 states called "departmentos". To read more about Bolivia weather conditions in each state, click on the name of a state below. You'll also see the climate in Bolivia in real time, in the capital city of each state, showing the current temperature and a 15-day weather forecast. You can click to see weather maps and videos as well. Each page contains a real-time weather widget like the one below.

Bolivia weather forecasts by city and state

Pando    Beni    Santa Cruz    Tarija

Sucre    Cochabamba    Potosi    Oruro    La Paz

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Weather in Bolivia by Region    Bolivia Facts    Tourism    Bolivia for Kids

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