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The following is a listing of Uyuni hotels and hostels. Use the links above and below to find Uyuni tourist information, attractions and tours, photos, maps and more. Use the Uyuni forum link above to ask questions or post travel stories.

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The Luna Salada Hotel
Actually located 16 kilometers from the town of Uyuni, it is itself one of the most popular attractions in the salt flats of Uyuni. The entire hotel is made of salt bricks, even the beds, tables, chairs and other furnishings. You can get there from Uyuni or the nearby town of Colchani. It has single, double, triple and family suites.

Calle 18, Edificio Parque 18, 3rd Floor
Calacoto - La Paz, Bolivia
Mobile phone: (591) 712-12007
Tel: (591) 2-277-0885

Hotel Le Ciel d'Uyuni
This small but nice bed and breakfast-style hotel is located in the downtown area of Uyuni and just 1/2 block down from the train station and 1 block from the central plaza. It has just 11 rooms, plus luggage storage and room service.

Calle Sucre esq. Av.
Uyuni, Bolivia
Mobile phone: (591) 724-47251
Tel: (591-2) 693-2885

Hotel Palacio de Sal
This unique hotel, located about 12 miles outside of the city of Uyuni, on the shores of the salt lake, is made completely out of salt bricks and has been rated one of the most unusual hotels in the world by the media. Even the furniture is made of salt! It is also a spa and has a golf course! It's gorgeous!!!

Salar de Uyuni
Uyuni, Potosí, Bolivia
Tel: (591-6) 842-0888

Hotel Jardines de Uyuni
This mid-sized hotel is located in downtown Uyuni and has just 20 rooms and its own restaurant. It has a beautiful rustic interior and even triple-bed rooms.

Avenida Potosi 113
Uyuni, Bolivia
Tel: (591-2) 693-2989

Hotel de Piedra San Pedro de Quemez
Also built on the edge of the Salar de Uyuni, this hotel is made of volcanic rock. Near the Cueva Galaxia (caves). You can also walk up to Caltama, an amazing overlook of the salt flats at dusk. It's about 1.5 hours from Laguna Colorada and 170 from Calama, Chile.

To stay at this hotel contact Ruta Verde Bolivia

Hotel de Sal Tahua
This hotel is also made of salt! It's located on the Salar de Uyuni, but near the little town of Tahua which is 110 Km from the town of Uyuni.

To stay at this hotel contact Ruta Verde Bolivia

Hotel del Desierto Ojo de Perdiz
This hotel is located closer to Laguna Colorada and Laguna Verde (within about a half an hour), as well as the geysers and bubbly mud pools at Sol de Mañana. It's 220 Km from the town of Uyuni and 200 Km from Atacama Chile, still on the Salar de Uyuni.

To stay at this hotel contact Ruta Verde Bolivia

La Petit Porte
Has Cable TV, room service, Internet access, heating, luggage storage, takes credit cards. Tourists give this hotel surprisingly high reviews.

To stay at this hotel contact La Petit Porte

Hotel Los Girasoles
Located right in the town of Uyuni, it offers Cable TV, central heating, buffet breakfast, private baths, extra long beds, but no internet. It has single, double and triple rooms and children under 6 years old stay free.

To stay at this hotel contact Los Girasoles Hotel

Hotel de Sal Cristal Samaña
This hotel is gorgeous and built based on Feng Shui beliefs! It's also entirely made of salt. It uses solar energy for heating and hot water. The rooms are decorated with carved Aymaran astrological symbols. It also has an astronomy observatory.

To stay at this hotel contact Hotel Cristal Samaña

Hotel Tonito
This hotel is located right in the center of the town of Uyuni. It offers WIFI internet, luggage storage, a garage, extra long beds, and laundry service. It's attached to the Minuteman Pizza and Pasta restaurant. They also run some donation and charity projects in the area.

To stay at this hotel contact Tonito Tours

Hostal La Magia de Uyuni
This is a really really nice hostal with bright sunny rooms (important in such a cold region). It has single, double, and triple rooms and suites and I'm not sure why it's called a hostal. It's really a very nice hotel! It's got heating and serves a buffet breakfast. It offers Cable TV, fax service, internet and laundry service.

To stay at this hostal contact La Magia de Uyuni

Hostal Kory Wasy
This hostal is small but comfy and located right in downtown Uyuni. It offers Cable TV, phone, fax, luggage storage, buffet breakfast, private baths, but no internet. They don't have their own website so in order to pay for your reservation by credit card or PayPal:

To stay at this hostal contact

Hostal Europa
This is one of the cheapest hostels in town. It doesn't offer almost anything in the way of services other than Cable TV and phone service. It's located near the train station. But did I mention it's super cheap?

To stay at this hostal contact

Hostal Cactus
This hostal is also cheap and is located right on the main plaza in Uyuni. It offers phone and fax service, no internet, laundry service, buffet breakfast and also room service as it has a restaurant. You can make a free Skype call here:

To stay at this hostal contact

Hostal Marith
This hostal is very cheap as well. It offers single and double private and shared rooms, luggage storage, phone and fax service, and luggage storage.

To stay at this hostal contact

Hotel Julia
This hotel is located right next to the train station. It's a hotel but also offers rooms with shared baths. It has Cable TV, phone and fax service, breakfast, no internet.

To stay at this hostal contact

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