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There aren’t many Tiwanaku hotels but the following are a few good options. You can still visit the ruins even if you don’t plan on staying in Tiwanaku. Most hotels in La Paz offer day tours. These are day trips that leave at about 8 am and return around 4 pm. See our Tiwanaku Tourist Info page on how to get there and what to take. A trip to these mystical ruins is worth it! If you’ve already found a hotel or hostel you love, or one you don't recommend, please tell us in our Bolivia Hotel Review.

Find Hotels in Tiwanaku Bolivia

Akapana Hotel
Av. Manco Kapac N° 20
Zona Ruinas Mayasa
Tiwanaku, Bolivia
Tel: (591-2) 289-5104
La Paz tel: (591-2) 246-2215
Mobile: (591-7) 735-45206
Email: info@hotelakapana.com
Web: www.hotelakapana.com

Hostal Utasawa Guesthouse
Calle Quimsachata #124. Esq. Simon Bolivar
Tiwanaku, Bolivia
Mobile: (591) 788-22775
Email: utasawa@boliviafull.com
Ask for: Maria de La Paz Olivera

Suma Uta Tourist Guesthouse
Tiwanaku, Bolivia
600 meters from the Tiwanaku Archeology museum
Very nice, clean rooms, private bathrooms, more.
This property accepts only cash payments
Web: www.ciaaat-tiwanaku.com*

Hostal Inti Wiracocha
Calle Santa Barbara No. 7
Just 2 minutes from the ruins
Tiwanaku, Bolivia
Mobile: (591) Cel. 737-03017
Web: www.ciaaat-tiwanaku.com*

Tiahuanacu Hotel Restaurant
Calle Bolivar #803
Sector laguna Verde
Tiahuanacu, Bolivia
Hotel tel: (591-2) 289-8548
La Paz tel: (591-2)241-0322
Email: info@hotel-tiahuanacu.com
Email: reservas@hotel-tiahuanacu.com
Web: www.hotel-tiahuanacu.com

La Cabaña del Puma Complejo Turistico
Tiwanaku, Bolivia
Tel: (591-2) 289-8641
Mobile: (591) 716-72133
Email: tiwanaku_delpuma@hotmail.com

Hostal Restaurant Kala Wawa
Tiwanaku, Bolivia
Mobile: (591) 777-88386
Web: www.ciaaat-tiwanaku.com*

* The CIAAAT (Centro de Investigaciones Arqueológicas, Antropológicas y Administración de Tiwanaku) is an indigenous organization formed to care for and promote Tiwanaku as a heritage of humanity site and tourist attraction. www.ciaaat-tiwanaku.com

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