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This Tarija site map lists all the pages on BoliviaBella that are related to, and interlinked with, our section on Tarija Bolivia.

Every page about Tarija has a row of blue text links at the top and bottom of the page (tours, hotels, food, info, etc.) which are the main Tarija section pages. Inside each of these section there are further related pages.

Our Tarija section has over 50 pages of Tarija travel information, all gathered in person in Tarija for you. So if you plan to travel Tarija, spend some time reading each page. If you ever get 'lost' simply click on the 'Tarija Home' link at the top or bottom of any Tarija page - or on the green 'Tarija' button on the left side of EVERY page.


(These are the links you see at top and bottom of each page on Tarija)

Tarija Home The Tarija introductory home page

Forum Our Tarija travel forum

Photos Our Tarija photo gallery

Maps Maps of Tarija

Info Tarija travel and tourist information

Hotels Hostels and hotels in Tarija

      Hostal Costanera
      Hotel del Sol
      Hotel El Salvador
      Grand Hotel Tarija
      Hotel Los Ceibos
      Hotel Los Parrales
      Hotel Luz Palace
      Hotel Martinez
      Hotel La Pasarela
      Hotel Victoria Plaza
      Hotel Viña del Sur

Food Restaurants and places to eat in Tarija

      Casa Vieja
      Cocina Italiana
      La Floresta
      Gatto Pardo
      Pizza Pazza
      Tarija Plazas
      Represa San Jacinto
      San Lorenzo Market
      Casa del Vino
      Tarija Market
      Las Brasas
      Thai Kaffe
      Café Mokka
      La Estación

Tours Sites and tourist attractions in Tarija

      Tarija Paleontology Museum
      Casa Dorada
      Plaza Luis de Fuentes
      San Bernardo Cathedral
      Plazuela Sucre
      Tarija Markets
      Tarija Plazas
      Represa San Jacinto (the dam)
      Valle Concepcion
      Casa Vieja Vineyards
      San Lorenzo
      Casa de Moto Mendez
      Casa del Vino
      Coimata Waterfalls
      The 7 Natural Wonders of Tarija
      The 4 Main Regions of Tarija
      Tarija Travel Story by Alison Donald


(These pages are linked to and from some Tarija pages but not all)

History of Tarija
Historia de Tarija
      Battle of La Tablada
Tarija Music Videos

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