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The following is a list of Potosi Bolivia Hotels and Hostels. The Potosi Hotel Chamber provided this information on hotels in Potosi. Click here for Hostels in Potosi Bolivia. Click here for Uyuni Hotels and here for Uyuni Hostels. If you've already stayed at a hotel in Potosi write a Potosi hotel review. Post your questions in our Potosi Bolivia Travel Forum.

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Hotel Macuquina Dora (2 stars)
Ave. Camacho No. 243
Potosi – Bolivia
Tel: 591-2-623-0257

Hotel Nobleza (2 stars)
Av. Universitaria No. 62
Potosi – Bolivia
Phone: 591-2-624-5215

Hotel Jerusalen (1 star)
Calle Oruro No. 143
Potosi – Bolivia
Phone: 591-2-622-4533
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Hotel El Turista (1 star)
Calle Lanza No. 19
Potosi – Bolivia
Phone: 591-2-622-2492

Hotel Nuevo Milenio Potosi (1 star)
Avenida Universitaria No. 450
Potosi – Bolivia
Phone: 591-2-624-3855

Hotel Emperador (1 star)
Ave. Serrudo No. 157
Potosi - Bolivia
Phone: 591-2-622-3756

Hotel Fernández (1 star)
Ave. Murillo No. 151
Potosi – Bolivia
Phone: 591-2-624-2782
Hotel Coloso Potosi (5 stars)
Calle Bolivar No. 965
Potosí - Bolivia
Phone: 591 2 622 2627
Email: info@potosihotel.com
Web: www.potosihotel.com

Hotel Claudia (3 stars)
Ave. El Maestro No. 322
Potosí - Bolivia
Phone: 591-2-622-2242
Email: claudiahotel@yahoo.com

Hotel Cima Argentum (4 stars)
Av. Villazon No. 239
Potosí - Bolivia
Phone: 591-2-622-9538
E-mail: reservas@hca-potosi.com
Web: www.hca-potosi.com

Hotel Gran Libertador (3 stars)
Calle Millares Nº 58
Potosi – Bolivia
Phone: 591-2-622-7877
Email: libertador@entelnet.bo
Web: www.libertadorpotosi.com.bo

Hotel Santa Teresa (3 stars)
Calle Ayacucho No. 43
Potosi – Bolivia
Phone: 591-2-622-5270
Email: info@hotelsantateresa.com.bo
Web: www.hotelsantateresa.com.bo

Hostal Santa Maria (3 stars)
Ave. Serrudo No. 244
Potosi – Bolivia
Phone: 591-2-622-3252

Hostal Felimar (3 stars)
Calle Junin No. 14
Phone: 591-2-622-4357

Hostal El Solar (2 stars)
Calle Wenceslao Alba No. 41
Potosi – Bolivia
Phone: 591-2-622-7951

Hostal Compañía de Jesus (1 star)
Calle Chuquisaca No. 445
Potosi – Bolivia
Phone: 591-2-622-3173

Backpackers Potosi Hostel
Calle Chuquisaca No. 460 Esq. Padilla
Potosi – Bolivia
Hostal La Casona (2 stars)
Calle Chuquisaca # 460
Potosi - Bolivia
Phone: 591-2-623-0523

Hostal Colonial (3 stars)
Calle Hoyos No. 8
Potosi – Bolivia
Phone: 591-2-522-4265
Email: hcolonial_potosi@hotmail.com

Hostal Cerro Rico Velasco (3 stars)
Calle Ramos No. 123
Potosi – Bolivia
Phone: 591-2-622-3539
Email: hostalcerrorico@hotmail.com

Hostal San Pedro Velmont (3 stars)
Calle Ramos No. 188
Potosi – Bolivia
Phone: 591-2-622-5969
Email: hostalsanpderovelmont@hotmail.com

This information was kindly provided by the Potosi Hotel Chamber.

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