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Pet relocation is often so stressful that pet owners frequently feel more anxious about their animals than they do about themselves. After all, we humans can care for ourselves, ask for directions, or file complaints, but we don’t know what our pets are going through “down in the cargo bay” or how they’ll be treated upon arrival. Much of this anxiety about pet travel can be laid to rest by preparing far in advance.

Pet shipping can be complex and requires you be well informed and plan in advance! Thankfully, there are now more and more pet movers and transportation companies available and as time goes by, their experience adds up to less stress for you!

We’ve done some of the legwork for you too. The following are websites of expert pet relocation companies. Most offer much more than mere pet transport services. Their websites are full of information on how to plan your trip, how keep your pet healthy during transport, what to pack when traveling with pets, how to find out what documentation and vaccinations you will need, and much more. Even though you will eventually choose only one pet shipping specialist, it’s truly worthwhile to visit all of the websites below as each offers very useful information to help you prepare.

Pet Movers and Shipping Specialists

Headquartered in Austin, TX, offers full-service arrangements for the domestic and international transportation of live animals, with a strong emphasis on assisting companies with relocating employees who are pet owners. The mission focuses on creating the most comfortable, safe and stress-free environment possible for each pet transportation and exotic animal transport experience. For more information, visit or call 877-PET-MOVE (738-6683). Pet is probably the best known pet transport company in the world. is an online community that provides worldwide resources for pet-friendly hotels, attractions, destinations, RV parks, dog parks, campgrounds, airline pet policies, pet travel tips, veterinarians, emergency pet hospitals, and a wide variety of pet travel products through its online pet store. Public Relations Dept. Phone: 336-712-1205

PetTravelCenter has this AMAZING page where they list every major airline in the world’s Pet Travel Policies one by one. So all you have to do is scroll down the list, find the airline you’ll be using, click on it’s name and read what you need to do to ensure your pet complies with the airline’s policy. Man did they put a lot of work into that! See the list. announced on November 29, 2008 that it has partnered with, an industry leader of providing quality, door-to-door pet relocation services to people who travel with or relocate their pets worldwide. will provide domestic and international pet travel and pet relocation advice through a new feature on called “Ask the Pet Relocation Expert.” People who have questions about how to transport their pets, what pet health certificates or country documentation is required and other concerns can submit their questions via an online form on and an expert in the field of pet relocation, will respond.

DogTravel Company, launched in 2007, is the first full service travel club for dog lovers who want to travel with their dogs! Members enjoy a variety of benefits, including access to dog-friendly, in-cabin, crateless flights, train service and cruises for dogs of all sizes.

Your dog will never travel in a cargo hold or on a cargo plane, train or truck. In fact, your dog will never leave your side throughout your entire journey! This company is ONLY for traveling with DOGS. However, they custom arrange ANY TRIP to ANY DESTINATION in the world.

The Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association International, Inc. (IPATA) An international network of concerned pet shippers, the collective membership of IPATA represents many years of experience in the transportation and care of animals. IPATA's membership has grown from six U.S. pet shippers to over 280 offices in over 60 countries with services to all major airports worldwide.

IPATA members are registered with the applicable organizations within their own country and adhere to the rules and regulations of the Live Animals Regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). All U.S. Active IPATA members are registered with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and adhere to the rules and regulations of the USDA's Animal Welfare Act.

On this page of their website you can search for an IPATA member pet relocation expert by country, company name, or airport name see it here or, you can download a printable listing of all their members.

Some other pet relocation websites you might want to check out:

Please be advised that does not recommend or endorse any single pet relocation company. This page is provided for informative purposes only. Some of the information on this page is quoted textually from the above websites.

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