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ESPAÑOL Use this Oruro map to plan your trip. Locate Oruro Hotels and hostels here. Visit our Oruro Carnival Home Page to learn all the amazing facts about Bolivia’s number one tourist attraction. Post your questions in our Oruro Travel Forum.

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This is a street map of Oruro. The bus station is located on Vacovic and Villarroel streets (Tel: 591-2-527-9535). Here's a really great Oruro City Map with a close-up view of major attractions, also in PDF. This is also a nice Oruro Street Map. The Carnaval Route runs from the Plaza del Folklore all the way down Bolivar street and then onto 6 de Agosto street until Aroma, about 1 block from the bus station (terminal de buses).

Map of Oruro

Oruro Home   Tours   Hotels   Carnival   Photos   Forum   Map   Info

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