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ESPAÑOL These are some of the better Oruro hotels. As tourism to Oruro continues to develop and grow, primarily due to the popularity of the Oruro Carnival, the availability of hotels and hostels in Oruro is slowly increasing. Still, there are more visitors than hotel rooms available at this time; therefore, many families in Oruro open their homes to foreigners during Carnaval week. If you’ve found accommodations in Oruro you'd recommend, tell us in our Bolivia Hotel Review.

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5-Star Hotel Eden Oruro
Bolivar 777 Esquina Presidente Montes
Situated on the main plaza
Oruro, Bolivia
Tel: 591-2-521-0671, 0672, 0673, 0674
Fax: 591-2-521-0674
E-mail: info@hoteledenbolivia.com
Web: www.hoteledenbolivia.com

Hotel Virgen del Socavon
Junin 1179
Oruro – Bolivia
Tel: 591-2-528-2184

Hotel Lipton
Av. 6 de Agosto No. 625 y Rodriguez
Tel: 591-2-5276583
E-mail: hlipton@bolivia.com
Oruro – Bolivia

Hotel Bernal
Av. Brasil No.701
Across from the Terminal de Buses
Tel/Fax: (591-2) 527-9468
Oruro – Bolivia

Hotel Repostero
Calle Sucre No.370
between Potosí and Pagador
Tel: (591-2)525-8001 or 525-8002
Oruro – Bolivia

Hotel Palace
Adolfo Mier 392 y Potosí
Tel: (591-2) 527-2121 or 525-5132
Fax: (591-2) 525-5132
E-mail: smpalace@coteor.net.bo
Oruro – Bolivia

Hotel Marquis Imperial
Sucre 6199 Esquina Pagador
Tel: (591-2) 527-4542 or 527-4043
Oruro – Bolivia

Hotel Bolivia
Calle Rodriguez No.131
Tel: 524-1047 or 524-3375
e-mail: cchacon@coteor.net.bo
Oruro – Bolivia

Hotel Briggs
Calle Washington No. 1206
Tel: (591-2) 525-1724
Tel: (591-2) 525-0608
Email: info@s-hotelbriggs.com.bo
Oruro – Bolivia

Villa Real San Felipe
Calle San Felipe No. 678
btwn La Plata and Soria Galvarro
Tel. 2-5254993
E-mail: sanfelipe@coteor.net.bo
Oruro – Bolivia

Samay Wasi
Av. Brasil No.232
Esq. Aroma "B"
across from the Terminal de Buses
Tel: (591-2) 527-6737
E-mail: samaywasioruro@hotmail.com
Oruro – Bolivia

International Park
Edificio Terminal de Buses
Calle Rajka Backovic s/n
Tel. 5276227 - 5279209
Fax: 2-5275187
Oruro – Bolivia

Hotel Monarca
Avenida 6 de Agosto N. 1145
esq. Av. Ejército Nacional
Tel: (591-2) 525-4300 or 527-9006
Fax: (591-2)5250006
E-mail: hmonarca@nogal.oru.entelnet.bo
Oruro – Bolivia

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