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Who is Charis?

Hola! I'm Charis and I created the Charisma Bolivia handmade jewelry brand. I own and I personally designed each of the pieces you'll see in our shop. I use locally available gems and stones, and work with Bolivian jewelry artisans to handcraft each item. Each piece is one-of-a-kind! I then travel to my other home, in the U.S.A., where I begin the process of photographing each piece and making it available to you online. All of our unique handmade jewelry ships worldwide from California.

The artisans I work with are self-employed and paid fair, above-average wages. You can feel comfortable knowing that when you purchase Charisma Bolivia handmade jewelry, you are helping to improve the living conditions of a Bolivian family. With your order, you will receive a card with the story of the artisan who made your item. Click here to read the full story about why I created Charisma Bolivia. I hope you will enjoy wearing our jewelry as much as we love creating it for you. Feel free to contact me.

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I've pledged to donate 10% of all sales to Wanides!

Charisma stems from the Greek word χάρις (Charis) which means "charity" or "a gift given in grace" (freely). Charis was the youngest of three Greek goddesses called the "Charities", also known as the "Graces". She was the goddess of beauty and adornment. It is said she had a magical appeal. From her name stems the word Charisma, defined as a "special magnetic charm or appeal" or "a special quality that makes a person capable of inspiring others". Our pieces are created to accent your natural charm.

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Charisma Unique Handmade Bolivian Jewelry

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Hematite is actually iron oxide, a mineral that looks somewhat like liquid mercury in that it is usually steel grey to black in its hardened form. However, …

Charisma Bolivia: Be Unusual... It's OK! Not rated yet
Because all Charisma jewelry is handmade and one-of-a-kind, when I'm designing a piece I purposely search for stones that are unique and unusual, like …

Charisma Bolivia Unique Handmade Jewelry Not rated yet
Hola! I'm Charis and I created the Charisma Bolivia handmade jewelry brand as another way to showcase the beauty of Bolivia and it's people. I own …

Aventurine Not rated yet
Aventurine is a form of translucent microcrystalline quartz often featuring miniscule shiny fuchsite, mica or hematite specks and inclusions which sometimes …

Turquoise Not rated yet
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Mother of Pearl Not rated yet
Nacre is the beautiful, smooth material that coats the inside of abalone and other mollusk shells. Both an organic and inorganic material, it is also …

Picture Jasper Not rated yet
Picture Jasper, also known as Scenic Jasper, is a very beautiful stone in that scenic landscapes can often be seen in its unusual patterns, with light …

Agate Not rated yet
Agates, which are found all over the world and in many different colors and patterns, are some of the most versatile stones for jewelry-making. Even though …

Lapis Lazuli Not rated yet
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Rhodonite Not rated yet
Rhodonite is an unusual pink stone with black manganese oxide veins, called dendrites, running through it. Its name stems from the Greek word “rhodos”, …

Amethyst Not rated yet
Dionysus (also called Bacchus) was the Greek god of wine, festivity, and pleasure. A son of Zeus and Semele, he was known to be riotous and mischievous. …

Tiger's Eye Not rated yet
Tiger’s Eye, a variety of chalcedony and a member of the quartz family, is a remarkably dull stone in its natural state. In polished form, however, it …

Charisma Bolivia: "Bolivia... that’s in Africa, right?" Not rated yet
As people are viewing the jewelry I design I get a lot of questions like that about Bolivia. That's OK, I don't know where every single country in the …

Charisma Bolivia: What's in a Name? Not rated yet
People often ask me why I named my jewelry brand Charisma Bolivia . Most often, people think it’s simply based on my name. It is... to a point... but …

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