Bolivian Myths and Legends

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Bolivian myths and legends are as colorful and extraordinary as the 36 Cultures of Bolivia. Each Bolivian culture has its own mythology and legends, many of which tell of a people's origins, beliefs or history. One of the most interesting things is to hear these legends told in a native language like Aymara or Guaraní as storytelling is often accompanied by native rituals.

Because there are so many cultures in Bolivia, there are literally hundreds of Bolivian legends. You'll see some below. You can find more Bolivian myths, or if you know of any others, please click here to share Bolivian myths and legends you know.

The Legend of Anahi and the Bolivianita Stone

Bolivian Legends: Andean Region

The Andean Creation Myth

The Legend of Lake Titicaca

The Legend of Manco Capac

The Legend of Desaguadero River

The Legend of Illimani

The Legend of the Ekeko

The Legend of the Potato

The Legend of Thunupa

The Legend of the Kantuta (Bolivia's national flower)

Bolivian Legends: Eastern Bolivia

The Legend of La Viudita

The Legend of El Carreton

The Legend of the Guajojo

The Legend of Bolivianite (Anahí)

The Legend of the Toborochi Tree

The Legend of El Mojon con Cara

The Legend of Siete Calles

The Legend of Isireri Lagoon

The Legend of the Bibosi and the Motacú

Bolivian Legends: Southern Bolivia

The Legend of the Silbaco

The Legend of the Mule Woman

The Legend of Imaybe and Iniguazu

The Legend of the Headless Priest

The Legend of the Little Man and the Ghost

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