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Hi, I'm your BoliviaBella.com webmaster!

BoliviaBella, which began as a little Bolivia website hobby, is now the top searched, most trusted Bolivia website in English. But that didn't just happen all by itself.

Just how much information was lacking about Bolivia? Suffice it to say that anytime Hollywood needs a synonym for "the remote unknown" they write Bolivia into their scripts. Have you noticed? So just how did BoliviaBella become the most searched English website about Bolivia? It's because so many Bolivia websites don't provide the answers people need that they turn to BoliviaBella.

First of all, the fact that we provide all first-hand facts and information is only the second reason for our success. The first? It's all in the tools I use. No website in the world, no matter how expensive or fancy or well-designed or attractive, will ever by seen by anyone if it doesn't show up in the responses you get from Yahoo, Bing, Google, and other search engines when you're researching Bolivia online.

And if it doesn't provide the information YOU are looking for, then it's useless to you anyway. So when I decided to build a Bolivia website I took things seriously from the beginning, even though I started out doing this purely as a hobby! I invested in the proven best website building system and here's what has made it all worthwhile: people like yourself are finding the site and the answers you need.

The other day I got a message from someone. It said "Dear Bella: thanks for all the great information on your site. You're like the Dear Abby of Bolivia."

Although it was an amusing message I really took it to heart. Although the numbers motivate me (after all, my goal was to build a site people would actually see and now thousands of people like yourself see the site every day) what really keeps me going is the knowledge that people appreciate and TRUST the information and are beginning to view Bolivia in a more positive light. And that's exactly what my desire was when I started. That's the mission statement I posted in 2007.

First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life But I'm not alone really! Through our forums MANY site visitors and other people who live and work in Bolivia have also contributed pages to this site. Did you know anyone can add a page to BoliviaBella? Anyone can add their own full page about Bolivia to this site. You can even upload photos! From any computer anywhere in the world.

Actual website visitors like yourself help build this site into what it is today - a trustworthy website filled with first-hand facts, information and experiences. And there's nothing people want more than to hear about REAL experiences from REAL people. That's what made this the number one Bolivia website people turn to for reliable answers. None of this would have been possible if I had decided to blog instead.

Want to see some of the questions that motivated me?

Go ahead! They're funny!

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