The Andean Creation Myth

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Andean Creation Myth

In the beginning, the god Viracocha created a lightless Earth, inhabited by giants that neither respected nor obeyed him. Enraged by their behavior, he sent a huge flood that exterminated all life on the planet. Then, he decided to create new people, in a shape and size similar to his own, and to instruct them, he sent a delegate called Viracochán.

Bolivian Myths and Legends - Viracocha and the Andean Creation Myth

This was a wise man that taught humans all techniques and skills and healing methods necessary for life, founded the city of Cuzco (Peru), created a person from whom the Quechua peoples descended, and prophesied the coming of a great empire ruled by them. Not all humans respected Viracochán. Some made fun of him and were turned into stone. Once he fulfilled his mission in Earth, the divine envoy walked into the waters and disappeared.

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Bolivian Myths and Legends | Bolivia for Kids