The Anatomy Museum of Sucre Bolivia

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The Anatomy Museum of Sucre, Bolivia takes a bit of getting used to for those of us who have a hard time seeing human body parts, however it is very, very interesting.

It contains hundreds of specimens, bones, skeletons, and other parts of the human anatomy. The museum, located right on the central square in Sucre, Plaza 25 de Mayo, is owned by the University system and features some of the research and anatomy projects medical students have completed. It is used to teach both high school and university students. Perhaps most unsettling is a set of human babies who have been preserved in boxes filled with liquid.

On the walls you'll also see sketches of some of the more prominent scientists of the Colonial period, in addition to photographs and paintings. The Anatomy Museum features Anatomy, Dermatology, Embryology, and Surgery sections.

The Anatomy section has both human remains and was replicas. The Histology section has was and acrylic samples of human tissue. The Embryology section has a collection of fetuses in different states of gestation, preserved in formaldehyde. The Dermatology section features various skin diseases in wax replicas. The Surgery sections has many interesting surgical instruments that were used long ago. The "Osteoteca" is a bone repository for research.

It is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 - 12:00 and 2:00 - 6:00. There is a Bs. 10 entry fee.

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Museo de Anatomía Humana - Plaza 25 de Mayo No. 23 - Sucre Bolivia
Phone: (591-4) 642-1773

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