Airports in Bolivia

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There are many airstrips and airports in Bolivia: among highest per capita in the world. La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba are the country's three main international entry points with runways over 3,050 meters long. Bolivia is 7th on the list of countries with the most airstrips in the world because getting around overland, though affordable, can often be difficult. There are several hundred airstrips as well. The World Factbook claims that Bolivia has 1,382 landing strips, of which 1,016 have paved runways of under 915 meters. Many are rarely used.

Santa Cruz has two airports: Viru Viru International (or VVI) and El Trompillo (SRZ), used by the military and small national airlines.

In Cochabamba you'll land at the Jorge Wilstermann International Airport (CBB).

The John F. Kennedy International airport of La Paz (LPB) is the world's highest airport.

Tarija also has only one airport, the Oriel Lea Plaza national airport (TJA).

The Teniente Jorge Henrich Arauz (TDD) is the only airport in Trinidad, the capital of Beni.

Potosí also has a small airport called simply the Potosi Airport (POI).

Sucre's is called the Sucre airport (SRE) and Cobija's is called the E. Beltram airport (CIJ).

These are the principal airports - however, there are also many other smaller airports in Guayaramerían, Puerto Suárez, Riberalta, Rurrenabaque, and others.

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Several companies offer transportation by helicopter at the main airports in Bolivia. Because transport by helicopter is expensive, these companies are generally used by passengers that must reach remote regions of the country where airstrips don’t exist. Oil and gas company personnel frequently use helicopters to reach these areas, as do military personnel. Tourists and photographers can also contract their services.

AASANA, the “Administración de Aeropuertos y Servicios Auxiliares de la Navegación Aérea” is the government’s official airport and airstrip administrator throughout the country, although the 3 international airports are run and managed by a private company called SABSA.

All the capitals of the different regions, large cities, and some towns in Bolivia, have airports that provide service for domestic flights. Flights on private airplanes can be found in most larger cities. Regularly scheduled air service is available between the major airports: La Paz, Cochabamba, and Santa Cruz which are linked to Potosí, Riberalta, Puerto Suárez, Sucre, Tarija, Trinidad, Cobija, Rurrenabaque, Guayaramerin and Yacuiba.

In June 2011 the Bolivian government announced a plan to invest $144 million dollars through 2015 to build additional airports in the city of Oruro, Uyuni (state of Potosí) and Alcantarí (state of Chuquisaca) and make improvements to several others.

List of Airports in Bolivia

RBO    Robore
RBQ    Rurrenabaque
SRJ    San Borja Guardia
SNM    San Ignacio De Moxos
SNG    San Ignacio De Velasco
SJV    San Javier
SJB    San Joaquin
SJS    San Jose
SRD    San Ramon
SBL    Santa Ana Yacuma
SRZ    Santa Cruz Trompillo
VVI    Santa Cruz Viru Viru
SRB    Santa Rosa
SRE    Sucre
TJA    Tarija
TDD    Trinidad
VLM    Villa Montes
BYC    Yacuiba
APB    Apolo
ASC    Ascension
BVL    Baures
BJO    Bermejo
CAM    Camiri Choreti
CIJ    Cobija Beltram
CBB    Cochabamba Wilsterman
CEP    Concepcion
GYA    Guayaramerin
BVK    Huacaraje
LPB    La Paz El Alto
MGD    Magdalena
ORU    Oruro
POI    Potosi
PUR    Puerto Rico
PSZ    Puerto Suarez
REY    Reyes
RIB    Riberalta General Busch

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