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Moving to Bolivia and figuring out all the shipping and packing details can be exhausting. When deciding what to take and what to leave behind, you need to know what Bolivia’s import laws are and which of your belongings they cover. This pertains to moving from Bolivia to another country as well, as export laws will apply. Special permits are often required. Before packing, your first step should be to inform yourself.

The national Customs Service of your country of origin and that of the country of destination can both provide the necessary information and are probably the best sources that. Embassies and Consulates are a good place to start as well. And international freight forwarders are knowledgeable. When moving to Bolivia you will likely have to pay some import taxes when you transport your goods or belongings, and it may be a good idea to contract with a Bolivian company. Good, well-established freight forwarding companies usually have contracts with freight forwarders and customs agents in other countries if they don’t have their own offices overseas, to receive cargo and goods, assist with customs clearance, and complete the process for the customer.

Shipping and freight forwarding to Bolivia

Be prepared for long waits to receive your goods. Even if transport is fast (by air, for example) customs clearance can take a long time. If you transport by sea, your belongings will need to clear customs in the port of entry (in Chile or Peru) as Bolivia is landlocked, and will then be trucked to Bolivia, where they may need to clear customs again. Keep detailed lists of each and every item you send and copies of all documentation freight forwarders provide you. You will need these in order to claim your goods once they arrive, or to make an insurance claim if anything arrives damaged or, worse yet, does not arrive at all.

There are literally thousands of shipping and moving companies all over the world that you could choose from. Choose whichever is best for you, but the we suggest you contact a shipping company in Bolivia, have your local shipper work in conjunction with one, or at least arrange for a Bolivian moving company to receive your container or shipment due to the difficulties with Bolivian customs clearance.

When you hire a non-Bolivian company you have to hire a customs agent in Bolivia SEPARATELY (or grudge through it for weeks or months by yourself) to clear your belongings from customs. When you hire a Bolivian shipping company (for example for the Chile or Peru to Bolivia portion of the trip) many of them also provide the customs clearance services when your shipment arrives in Bolivia. THIS IS INVALUABLE!!! Customs is very complicated in Bolivia. There is rampant corruption and long delays are the norm.

There are many transportation (mostly trucking) companies in Bolivia and most of them transport for businesses and industries. There aren't a great number of Bolivian shipping and moving companies that handle personal belongings for families that are moving to Bolivia or from Bolivia overseas; however, those that are available, are knowledgeable. The following is a list of international shipping companies to consider:

International Shipping Companies in Bolivia

Carretera al Norte km9
Entrada al condominio Versalles
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Telf. (591-3) 343-5333
Fax: (591-3) 344-3777

Calle Colon No. 161
Edif. Barrosquira Planta Baja
La Paz, Bolivia
Telf. (591-2) 231-7070
Fax: (591-2) 239- 2036

Av. Ayacucho y Gral Achá No S0174
Edif. Ma. Antonieta O. 403
Cochabamba, Bolivia
Telf. (591-4) 458-8111
Fax: (591-4) 411-7227

Carretera a Santa Cruz
Zona San Isidro Km 1
Yacuiba, Bolivia
Telf. Fax: (591-4) 683-2491

Plaza Colon
Edif. Lan Chile Planta Baja Of. 8
Arica, Chile
Telf. Fax: 56-58-231421


Km 8 ½ Carretera al Norte
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Tel: (591-3)342-1142
FAX (591-3) 344-4143

Calle Estados Unidos No. 1300
La Paz, Bolivia
Tel: (591-2)222-7861
FAX (591-2) 222-3127

Plaza 14 de Septiembre S-Nº 270
Tel: (591-4)425-7790
FAX (591-4) 425-0710


Av. Mariscal Santa Cruz Esq.
Colon, Edif. Litoral Piso 16 PH
P.O. Bo: 15065
La Paz, Bolivia
Phone Numbers:
(591-2) 236-1111
(591-2) 236-5935
(591-2) 235-9100
(591-2) 231-1842
(591-2) 237-8406

Prolongación Radial 27
Calle 2 No. 58
Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Phone Nº: (591-3) 3433166
Fax: (591-3) 3433166


International Companies that Ship to Bolivia







Worldwide Shopping and Shipping Service

BTC CARGO EXPRESS also specializes in shipping services to Bolivia too. They not only handle entire containers, they will ship ANYTHING to Bolivia including small packages. If you live in Bolivia, you can buy something online from OVER 500 online stores like Ebay and many others. You have it shipped to BTC and they will ship it to you in Bolivia. They will then do the invaluable CUSTOMS CLEARANCE for you too!

8236 NW 68th St.
Miami, FL 33166
Tel: 305-897-9071

Shipping for Missionaries and Humanitarian Aid

This shipping company provides shipping and freight forwarding just for missionaries and humanitarian aid personnel or cargo:

Contact: Maia Yordanov
(504) 891 6300 x103
Missionary Expediters, Inc.

Shipping Packages and Mail Express or Postal

To mail letters and small packages to Bolivia, refer to our section on mail and couriers and the national postal system. In most cases you will want to send your package via airmail. You should take your package directly to the post office to confirm the postage and to be sure that you have declared its value and contents on the necessary customs forms. Do not seal your packages prior to mailing. The content of packages weighing over 200 grams must be shown to postal personnel prior to sealing.

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