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This is a collection of rainforest wildlife pictures so you can learn a little about each one of my favorite rainforest birds and animals. You can also see more pictures of amazing Bolivian animals that are in danger of extincetion, and we've also got a page on interesting facts and trivia about wildlife in Bolivia and a photo gallery with lots of beautiful pictures of Bolivian animals Check out my page on the Santa Cruz Zoo where you'll see even more Bolivian birds, animals and reptiles that have been rescued from people who thought they could handle having a wild animal as a pet. They didn't know some wild animals live as long as humans (like eagles, macaws and monkeys).

I want all my friends to really understand how important the rainforest and rainforest wildlife are to all of us. Everyone on Earth depends on the oxygen the Amazon rainforest makes for us. That's why I keep saying WE ALL LIVE IN THE RAINFOREST!!! And we are all responsible for it (we're all in charge of taking care of it, not just the people who live near it).

These are some of my favorite creatures

Bolivian Wildlife - Anteater

Giant Anteater

Bolivian Wildlife - Blue Morpho Butterfly

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Bolivian Wildlife - Sloth


Bolivian Wildlife - Iguana


Bolivian Wildlife - Transparent Glass Wing Butterfly

Glass Wing Butterfly

Bolivian Wildlife - Harpie Eagle

Harpie Eagle

Bolivian Wildlife - Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw

Bolivian Wildlife - Jaguar


Bolivian Wildlife - Monkey

Squirrel Monkey

Bolivian Wildlife - Pygmy Marmoset

Pygmy Marmoset

Bolivian Wildlife - Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet Macaw

Bolivian Wildlife - Toucan


Bolivian Wildlife - Yellow Macaw

Blue and Yellow Macaw

Bolivian Wildlife - Sloth


Rainforest Home Page | Bolivian Wildlife | Bolivia for Kids

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