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In Santa Cruz, Bolivia Plazas are a common social meeting ground, great for lazing around on a hot afternoon or Sunday. Traditionally, during colonial times cities and towns were built around one central plaza.

plazas and parks santa cruz bolivia

Larger cities have several, usually one or two per neighborhood. Plazas don’t usually have playgrounds, are not often used for picnics, and may often be lined with souvenir vendors. They are not typically a family play area and may consist only of shady trees and benches, although some do have small playgrounds.

However, the city of Santa Cruz has been doing a great job of beautifying city parks and plazas and many of the city’s plazas are once again become popular places to rest, socialize, and let the kids get some energy out. Increasingly more playgrounds are appearing on the plazas too and this usually attracts vendors too.

The main central plaza in Santa Cruz is called Plaza 24 de Septiembre (the date on which the city was established at its present location). Another large and very popular plaza is located in the Zona Sur, or southern section of the city and is called Plazuela Blacutt (plazuela means “little plaza” although Blacutt is not so small).

There are numerous smaller plazas throughout the city, in neighborhoods like Sirari (on Begonias street) or Hamacas (just off Avenida Beni on Calle 7). Some are just tiny resting places with a couple of benches and some shady trees. Others are large and crowded. All are public and for your leisure, so enjoy one wherever you should happen to find one.

Parks Home Page | Santa Cruz Tourism | Tourism | Plan Your Trip

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