Bolivia Tourism: Things to do and see, places to go in Oruro, Bolivia

(Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia)

Oruro, Bolivia is best known for its carnival, the famed Carnaval de Oruro, in which over 20,000 folklore dancers and 10,000 musicians participate. The Oruro Carnival is one of the most publicized tourist attractions in Bolivia, welcoming tens of thousands of visitors each year. Hotels in Oruro are booked solid weeks and even months in advance for this 2-3 day event. But what's a visitor to do the remaining 362 days of the year? View this page for further information on sites, attractions and Oruro tours year round.

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The Santuario del Socavón (Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Socavón) houses the Oruro Ethnographic Museum and the Oruro Mining Museum. As part of the Ethnographic Museum, the Oruro city and state governments funded the Museo de la Diablada (Museum of the Devil Dancers), featuring many of the elaborate costumes worn during Carnival in Oruro. Because it's open year round you can now see these world-renowned costumes up close, even if you aren't in Oruro during Carnaval. Don't miss it!

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