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Most insurance companies in Bolivia are backed by international insurance brokers and coverage. Travelers usually prefer to contract travel and international medical insurance before leaving their home countries; however, your plan may not cover your medical expenses overseas. Click here to get really flexible travel insurance.

If you are moving to Bolivia for a sustained period of time but prefer to check out local insurance companies there are several reputable companies that provide life, health, auto, homeowners, corporate, and travel cover.

Since the political and economic environment in Bolivia fluctuates from time to time, some insurance companies in Bolivia provide irregular service and coverage, and others have faded off into financial ruin. In addition, in a country as poverty-stricken as Bolivia, only the upper class can afford private health or medical insurance, car insurance (other than the minimum required), and other types of cover. It truly is difficult to convince people to spend money to purchase something that will cover possible future events, when they are struggling to make it financially from one day to another. So when researching cover in Bolivia, use a company that is backed by an international brokerage firm that will cover its customers if the local company can't stay in business. Your best option is a company that is an official member of the Bolivian Association of Insurance Providers.

Insurance companies in Santa Cruz Bolivia

Only you can choose which company best offers the services you are looking for, depending on what your family, home and/or business needs are. Each of these companies has a website and contact information, so you can look into what they offer and inform yourself before you arrive.

Bolivian Association of Insurance Providers

These insurance companies in Bolivia are members of the Asociación Boliviana de Aseguradores (Bolivian Association of Insurance Providers) which you can contact if you want to ask questions about a particular company. Click here if you are just passing through and you only need temporary international travel insurance.

Asociación Boliviana de Aseguradores
Calle Loayza N° 250
Edificio Castilla, 5° Piso, Oficina 510
Tel: (591-2) 220-1014 and (591-2) 231-0056
Fax: (591-2) 220-1088
Casilla Postal (PO Box): 4804
La Paz - Bolivia

Insurance Providers: Central Office Contacts

Av. Viedma Nº 21 Esq. Melchor Pinto
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Tel: (591-3) 337-5656
Fax: (591-3) 337-5666
Also La Paz, Cochabamba, Tarija, Sucre and Beni

Av. El Trompillo 2do Anillo – Sur Nº 632
Tel: (591-3) 371 0707
Fax: (591-3) 353 9549
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Contact: Marco Antonio Ortiz
Also Puerto Suárez, Tarija, Oruro, Potosí, Cochabamba, Sucre, and La Paz

Call Center: 800-10-2727
Calle Colón N° 288 Edif. La Boliviana Ciacruz
Tel: (591-2) 220-3131
Fax: (591-2) 220-3876 / 220-3902
Casilla N° 628 La Paz - Bolivia
Also Santa Cruz, Oruro, Potosi, Beni, Tarija, Cochabamba

Av. Virgen de Cotoca N° 2080
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Tel: (591-3) 348-7273
Fax: (591-3) 349-7675
Also in La Paz, Cochabamba, Sucre, Tarija, Oruro

Toll Free: 800 10 7005
C. Loayza No.233 Edif. Mariscal de Ayacucho Piso 10
La Paz, Bolivia
Tel: (591-2) 220-3040
Fax: (591-2) 239-1149
Also in Sucre, Tarija, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz

Av. Monseñor Rivero esq. Asunción No. 223 - 2
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Tel: (591-3) 371-6565
Fax: (591-3) 333-7969
Also in La Paz and Cochabamba

Av. Monseñor Rivero No.223 Esq. Asunción
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Tel: (591-3) 371-6262
Fax: (591-3) 333-7969
Also in La Paz, Cochabamba, Sucre, Montero, Beni, Tarija

Av. 20 de Octubre No. 2524, Edificio San José, Mezanine
La Paz, Bolivia
Tel: (591-2) 243-0300
Fax: (591-2) 212-1262
Also in Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, and Tarija

Av. 6 de Agoto No. 2860
Tel: (591-2) 212-5355
Fax: (591-2) 211-3480
Also in Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Sucre, Tarija, Potosí, Oruro, Beni, El Alto and Cobija

Calle 9 Este, Esq. Pasillo A No. 9A, Zona Equipetrol
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Tel: (591-3) 341-2841 and 341-2842
Fax: (591-3) 341-2832

Take Note for Car and Health Insurance

An important note about car insurance: when you purchase a car, you are required by law to carry SOAT coverage (a type of basic coverage that all drivers must have). This is IN ADDITION to any private coverage you may decide to purchase. It is not optional. SOAT is government-ordered and must be paid for once a year (it's very affordable). You are given a sticker at the time you purchase it that must be applied to the driver side of the front windshield of your car. If you don't have this, your car can be confiscated and you can be fined.

An important note about health insurance: Before you choose an insurance company for health insurance, ask to see the list of doctors, clinics and hospitals their company is partnered with. Bolivia has some very good doctors of all specialties who have studied overseas, and some very good quality private hospitals and clinics, whereas the public health care system is sorely lacking.

Need Help Choosing Insurance Cover?

BoliviaBella Expat Services offers an entire suite of services to help smooth your transition into expat living. We can help you choose the most appropriate insurance company for your home, car and family, select a bank and open a bank account, apply for residency, do your house hunting for you, help you set up your utilities, and more. Click here to learn more about all the expat services we offer.

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