Where can I buy a fence for our swimming pool in Santa Cruz?

Hi, We are moving to Santa Cruz next month and all the houses we have been lined up to see have swimming pools, which is lovely, but I have three small children, two of which can't swim yet. I wanted to know, is there anywhere in Santa Cruz where I can get a removable fence to cordon off the pool area? it is not our property so we can't go drilling holes in to the floor, but I would just need something which will keep my rug rats away from the waters edge. Otherwise I may end up giving myself a heart attack!!

I just need peace of mind that if something were to happen to me in the garden, nothing would happen to the kids as they would be kept away from the water.

It obviously goes without saying that I would never leave them alone for a second whilst outside, but I just need that extra reassurance.

Any suggestions / ideas?

Thanks :)

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