What is Bolivia's national food?

What is the national food of bolivia?

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Mar 26, 2012
Bolivia doesn't have a single national food
by: Anonymous

That's sort of like asking what is the national food of the USA. Bolivia has many regions and many, many cultures. Each region has specific dishes that are traditional to that region or state, or for which the region is known.

There are, however, some foods Bolivia is especially known for and the one that most stands out is the SALTEÑA, which isn't found almost anywhere else, although people say it is originally from Argentina (and in Argentina they don't make them like we do here sort - of like pizza isn't made the same in the US as in Italy).

The state of Chuquisaca is known for MONDONGO

The state of Tarija is known for SAICE

The state of Santa Cruz is known for MAJAO, also called MAJADITO

La Paz is best known for its SALTEÑAS and also its PLATO PACEÑO

Cochabamba is known for SILPANCHOS and CHAIRO

The list goes on and on and on, depending on where you are in Bolivia. So we don't have any single food that could be considered a "national" food. You can see more in our Bolivian Recipes section.

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