What are some common, every day foods in Bolivia?

What is something that the average Bolivian would eat every week, or is there one?

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May 24, 2017
Thank you! 😊
by: Anonymous

I needed to read this for my project, so thank you!


You are so very welcome!

Mar 06, 2013
Typical Bolivian Breakfast
by: Anonymous

In Bolivia, breakfast is typically small, just a piece or two of bread with butter and marmalade or with cheese or paté and some coffee or tea. In fact, it's very common for coffee to be served to little children as soon as they can hold a cup by themselves. Coffee is typically drunk very dark (strong) and sweet, with or without milk. Bolivia is well known for its many types of breads.

Catching on just recently is the American tradition of eating cereal with milk, pancakes, and/or eggs of different kinds. These are not traditional Bolivian breakfast foods.

Mar 01, 2013
foods in bolivia
by: Jeff

Common everyday foods eaten in Bolivia can vary alot depending on the region or department within Bolivia.

A salad consisiting of cut lettuce, onion and tomato and sometimes a cut beet on top served with oil and vinegar is usually how the salads are made and served on the plate aside the main course. Most all midday meals include soup, and the main couse is served with rice and salad.

-Empandas--meat or cheese
-Saltenas--meat filled
-Cheese--cheese is often eaten at breakfast along with coffee or tea
-Asadito--looks just like a hamburger patty but it is usually made with yuca---not sure if the is spelled correct or not but the pronunciation is a-sa-dito

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