Traditional Bolivian Music & Dances

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Traditional Bolivian music comes in many forms and rhythms, according to the numerous regions that make up this country. Many people think of Bolivia as an Andean country but actually there are over 30 native Bolivian ethnic groups and each has its own typical Bolivian dances and music. In Latin America, Bolivia is the country that has best preserved its typical dances and music and is often referred to as the folkloric center of the continent. Bolivian musical groups and musicians have kept the traditions and music of Bolivia alive and made it known throughout the world. Participating in, or learning about, Bolivian festivals and holidays is the best way to see Bolivia's music and dances, Bolivian clothing and costumes, and the legends and customs the dances portray. Bolivia's Carnaval de Oruro, folklore capital of Bolivia (declared an "Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO in 2001) is the most famous showcase for native Bolivian music and dance. Watch the videos below to see some of the typical Bolivian dances we described on our Bolivian music types page.






Diablada - Morenada - Caporales - Tinkus

Cuallaguada - Saya - Llamerada - Tobas

Incas - Potolos - Suris Sicuris - Waca Wacas

Doctorcitos - Antawara - Salake - Pujllay

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