To Espejitos, Bermejo and La Pajcha on public means

by Mariel

Hello, I'm new here and I have read a lot of the pages before submitting my question, sorry if it's been asked before and I couldn't find it. I'm interested in knowing how to go to Espejitos, Bermejo and La Pajcha on public means, because I don't drive and I'm on a tight budget, or if the alternative to having my own car would be to join a tour or visit all 3 places on 3 different days by taxi. I'm fluent in Spanish, if it's relevant.

Mariel, a prospect female solo traveler

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Mar 11, 2010
how to get to Samaipata and Espejillos
by: BoliviaBella

Hi Mariel. OK, the drive to Samaipata is a very beautiful drive. The road is a little damaged from landslides so it is no longer a 2-hour drive, it now takes nearly 3, but it's still really worth going by taxi.

There are taxis that you can take where you pay only like Bs. 25 per person. The wait until they fill up and then they go. However, they don't stop wherever you want because they have passengers. The same taxis will take you individually for another price. I have all the information about where to find them, their contact info and more here on my Samaipata home page. Also, read this page about the drive to Samaipata. Also here is a page on the Fuerte, which is the ancient "fort" that draws most tourists to Samaipata.

Pajcha is a waterfall almost one hour beyond Samaipata. Usually you stay in Samaipata and take a day trip to Pajcha. In Samaipata there are taxis that do the trip but they are not usually the same ones that run between Santa Cruz and Samaipata, they are local Samaipata taxis.

Although it is true that Espejillos is on the way to Samaipata, along the same road, just under one hour after you leave Santa Cruz you take a road that goes to the right and Espejillos is about 1-2 hours drive in that direction, depending on the condition of the road. It's pretty much a day trip all by itself.

I would suggest you contact Ruta Verde Bolivia because they have tours that include Volcanes. Also they would be able to tell you where Bermejo is. I haven't heard of it and there are sometimes several towns with the same or similar names in Bolivia. Ruta has good tours and could probably customize something for you that would include all the points you want to visit.

It's a beautiful area and really worth it if you can take a few days to see all of these places Mariel. You'll love it!

Mar 11, 2010
My bad!
by: Mariel

My apologies for writing the name wrong.

Yes, I meant Los Espejillos. According to Lonely Planet there's a Bermejo between Santa Cruz and Samaipata, close to a place called Los Volcanes, but their maps could be out of date.

Taxi it is! Thanks.

Mar 08, 2010
pajcha, samaipata, espejillos and bermejo bolivia
by: Anonymous

Could you confirm if these are the three points you are looking for information on?

Bermejo is in southern Bolivia in the department of Tarija near the border with Argentina.

La Pajcha is a waterfall about 1 hour from the town of Samaipata in the Eastern department of Santa Cruz, a 3 hour taxi trip from the city of Santa Cruz.

Espejitos - do you mean Espejillos? It's located on the road to Samaipata?

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