Things to do in Santa Cruz for Kids

by Andrea
(La Paz)

Hey there! We have 4 active little boys (ages 4-11). What are the best recommendations for family activities in Santa Cruz?

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Jan 02, 2014
Tons of things for kids to do in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

You may want to begin reading about Santa Cruz on our Santa Cruz Home Page. Another important page is 100 Things to do in Cruz, Bolivia, a listing of tons of interesting things to see, places to go, etc. many of which would be great for kids.

Right off the bat, I'd also suggest going to one of the water parks such as Aqualand, or the Mariposario (which aside from butterflies also has playgrounds, trampolines, horseback and bike riding, canoeing ... it's a whole day thing realy), or La Rinconada, which also has pools, playgrounds, and other fun things, and Yvaga Guazu has an interesting tour of their botanical garden with guides who are great with kids. You could go to the Galaxy bowling alley on the corner of Plazuela Blacutt, or the Lomas de Arena... there's a gaming arcade inside the Cinecenter mall, plenty of movies to see, ice cream to be had, and lots of city parks with playgrounds, such as Los Mangales. There's a climbing wall in Equipetrol Norte, and some kids like to climb up the stairs to the top of the bell tower of the cathedral on the central plaza and look over the city. The city has some really interesting museums, most of them small enough to keep a kid's attention and interesting enough to do the same (such as the little Guarani Museum just behind the zoo or the Museo de Historia Natural on Avenida Irala - both small - plan for 1/2 hour at each - the natural history museum has a big giant woolly mammoth skull and all kinds of other animals). My 10-year old LOVES the museums and art galleries in Santa Cruz. Calle Ayacucho is where you want to go to find all the ice cream shops all in a row. And then of course, there's the zoo! There's lots to do if you're up for exploring a bit. They're all listed on our 100 things to do page. Check it out.

Hope you have a great time!

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