The quality of the water in Santa Cruz?

Hello, I just recently got to Santa Cruz, and I am still a little worried about the food and water. Is it alright to use the water to brush my teeth, and to wash fruits? Thank you for the help.

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Jun 03, 2012
Cleanest Water in South America
by: Anonymous

Dear Anonymous. Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia has THE cleanest, purest drinking water in all of South America.

In fact, it scored a 99.3 over 100 in water purity.

Our water cooperative, SAGUAPAC, is the largest water cooperative in the world.

It is also autonomous, which means it can make decisions on its own without having to wait for the national government to approve things. Because of this, it invests heavily and rapidly in technology and improvements and isn't slowed by bureaucracy as in other cities.

If you understand Spanish, you can read this article which explains in great detail just how Santa Cruz came to have the purest water in South America. So brush away!

(I love surprising people with this... :)

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