The Doors of Sucre

by Stephen Nagy
(Sucre, Bolivia)

During my first few days in Sucre I found myself standing in front of some of these ginormous doors, like the ones in the picture. Thick rich heavy ornate doors put in place many decades ago. Some must weigh over a ton. They add a sense of durable wealth and I can't help but wonder how they were both constructed and more definitely erected as there were no machines and cranes so much as some are hundreds of years old.

Then as I walked throughout many streets I saw how important doors are to this city. Buildings front the streets side by side and if an alley is between them there is a door on the front of it. Inside most of the homes are wooden doors with glass panes which reminds me of some of the old train stations long abandoned in the States, some of which are held in preservation by using that ambiance for restaurants and such. That ambiance of the past is alive and present throughout Sucre. Still one would think this is a concrete and stone city but hidden courtyards and patios are within and some of the most beautiful settings for cafes and restaurants.

To walk the streets is something, but to walk through and beyond those doors is even more amazing at times and it is then that the warmth and beauty of this city start to sink in. There is present a strong sense of true art all around and within and all so diversified as really no two buildings are exactly alike nor are the contents within, yet standing back, the whole city seems to be with one general design. You will pass many doors that have seen better days and are in need of repair or replacement but even then you can see the art and work that went into them......

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