Short Term Rentals?

by Wade K.
(Tyler, TX)

Rather than fight the red tape, as well as the expense, I'm planning for retirement to spend 6 months a year in Peru, then 3 months in Bolivia, most likely rotating between Cochabamba, Sucre, and Tarija, then 3 months in the States visiting family for the holidays. I'm wondering what is a typical monthly rate in those 3 cities staying most likely in hostels? Thanks, and really enjoy this website!

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Sep 25, 2013
Agarthan Hideout
by: Anonymous

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Aug 06, 2013
Hostel Retirement
by: Pancho Villa

It's certainly doable... however, you are going to be miserable after a few weeks in hostels. I mean, you are just going to want to boil a glass of water or put some food or drinks in a fridge every once in a while! You are definitely better off looking for short term rentals, as you titled your post. I would land, stay in a hostel for a few weeks while you get your bearings, and then find a place on foot-- it will be much cheaper than finding someone online to help you. You'll wind up overpaying: people online seem to vastly overcharge for what they are offering. I paid 55$ for a room in Bolivia almost 10 years ago. You could definitely find something modest but acceptable for $150-200 per month. I would even consider a family homestay for your Spanish (its really the ONLY way, unless you are already fluent). I definitely dig your idea, though! As long as you don't intend on accumulating anything at all, it could definitely work. Between Peru and Bolivia, though, I would just stick with Bolivia, in particular, Cochabamba, for sure. Much cheaper, and the QOL is definitely higher. It might even pay to simply overstay your visa for a few months every year (I think its 3-4 dollars a day): everything in Peru basically costs double.

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