Santa Cruz CBA is Seeking a Cheer Team Leader !!

by Centro Boliviano Americano
(Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia)

CBA would like to spruce up their Female Volleyball team by forming a group of cheerleaders (male & female) to cheer them on. They have been undefeated champions for 17 years straight but need to have more of a crowd cheering them on, as that is very important for any team´s morale. Forming a cheerleading team would help and also make for some fun. We would need to recruit cheerleaders (can do that easily, with almost 4000 students at CBA!) and SOMEONE experienced enough to train them on a regular basis, as a volunteer. CBA could provide the uniforms and other accessories (whistles, pom-poms, etc).

Anyone interested in coaching and/or providing an instruction manual, please contact Rhea Borda at the CBA (Centro Boliviano Americano). Call 334-2299 or respond by clicking on "post comments" below.

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