Santa Cruz Bolivia Traditional Foods Festival

(Santa Cruz, Bolivia)

The Traditional Foods Festival takes place each year in September in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. September is the month Santa Cruz de la Sierra celebrates it's foundation and it is one of the best months of the year to visit this department in Eastern Bolivia.

Each year you can learn about Eastern Bolivian traditions by visiting this fair and sampling some of the delicious foods. Cooks compete for prizes. Traditional foods include mote (large white maize), yucca (manioc), patasca (pork and pigskins pickled and boiled), rollo de cerdo (pork rolled along with its skin), chicharrón (grilled pork), choclo con quesillo (boiled white corn cobs with a delicious handmade cheese), and humintas (corn tamales), along with traditional drinks like tujuré and chicha. In the handcrafts section you can also purchase chocolates, cookies and other desserts.

Artisans also set up booths and sell handcrafts that are typical in Santa Cruz such as painted pottery, crocheted purses and other items, colorful handmade hammocks, amazing leather goods, wood carvings, hand-sewn items, jewelry made from local natural resources such as seeds and bolivianita (a gem unique to Bolivia), and many other beautiful handcrafts.

It's a nice experience for tourists and foreigners who live here. In 2009 the Traditional Foods Festival takes place on Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th of September. Handcrafters and cooks come from all over Santa Cruz to participate. In the mornings it's not so crowded. In the afternoons and evenings you'll also be able to enjoy traditional dancing, music and theater.

Throughout the entire month of September you can enjoy concerts, theater, art exhibits, handcrafts and food festivals, and much more, all celebrating Eastern Bolivian culture and traditions.

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