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The Samaipata Fort (El Fuerte de Samaipata) located in the eastern tropical department of Santa Cruz, is actually not a fort. It is the world's largest stone carving. It's mysterious origins have been widely attributed to the Incas; however, there is evidence it was initially carved by another ancient civilization several hundred years prior to their occupation of this area. The town of Samaipata, just a few miles further down the road is known as Bolivia's "Little Switzerland" due to its location in the Andes foothills, cooler weather, and the large community of European and American foreigners who live there.

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Samaipata, located 2 hours West of Bolivia's largest city, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, is nestled in a picturesque valley and it's Bolivian and foreign residents enjoy a privileged landscape and beautifully moderate climate. The Samaipata fort is the town's top tourist attraction; however, Samaipata is also a gateway to Amboro National Park, and there are many other beautiful sites to visit. See our Samaipata Tours page for details on local attractions, sites and activities, and select Samaipata Hostels and Hotels here.

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