Opening a small business in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

by stranger

Hows the business in Santa Cruz when it comes to convenient store like a mini super market or cafe? Is it possible to start a small shop with capital of $5000? Any idea or suggestions please?

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Apr 05, 2015
good one NEW
by: milan

With that amount you can even start a good motor vehicle shop. The idea of starting a supermarket is perfect. But you must first know what the SantCruz like to have more. What are they lacking of. What is new that is not available in the Sanatcruz.Meaningful Use

Sep 08, 2014
small restaurant
by: mondongo

I would like if any US expat in this forum could share how easy /difficult is to say start up a Peruvian restaurant in Bolivia.
Thank you,
Chef Mondongo

May 08, 2013
Opening a small business in Santa Cruz, Bolivia
by: Stranger

@Boliviabellafan, thanks for your contribution which will give me and others more knowledge on this topic. I really appreciate it. Will wait for more valuable info by email. Thank you again.

May 08, 2013
by: Boliviabellafan

Hi Mohammed!
There are many people from India here, in downtown Santa Cruz, but I don´t know if they go for fast food chicken.

You could do fast food chicken and offer Bollychicken in addition to the plain fried chicken.

Or you could open a restaurant that offers authentic Indian food, probably more expensive to start.

I have your email and I will do some more research.

May 07, 2013
Opening a small business in Santa Cruz, Bolivia
by: Stranger

@Boliviabellafan,Thanks for throwing the comment on my title. Well how about small fast food with fried chicken as you said? Do they like Indian spicy food? Also about general store(convenient store in any residential/commercial area)? You may share your mail address if its suitable for you, I would like to mail you to get more details. Thank you again.

May 07, 2013
Small business in SCZ
by: boliviabellafan

I have lived here for more than 5 yrs.

The most common small businesses are:
Fast food fried chicken

Internet cafe / computer games
general store

What business are you interested in?
Your experience hobbies, technical, professional

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