Need help

I needs to get away for a while, and I think coming to Bolivias might be a good place to chill. I dont think I needs no visa cause I anin't gonna stay for good, just a few months maybe 6 or 8. Besides I dom't wants no body to know where I am. Wheres a good place to hang whiles things cool. How can I get there from NJ?

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Feb 04, 2013
what are you running from?
by: Anonymous

Just asking, because if you are in trouble with the law or something in the US, one of the requirements for residency in Bolivia is an Interpol background check... just thought you might want to know.

Also, if you come with a tourist visa you can stay only a maximum of 90 days per year in Bolivia. If you want to stay longer, you have to apply for residency even if you only stay a few months. Anything over 3 months, you have to apply for residency and to do that, you can't come on as a tourist. You have to come on another different visa called the specific purpose visa.

Call your nearest Bolivian consulate in the United States for further information. It sounds like you aren't very familiar with Bolivia.

Feb 02, 2013
Need Help
by: Anonymous

Hello, i think Bolivia is a good place to stay for a while, for further information please write to
I am attorney at law and i can give you the best advice for your case.
I live in Santa Cruz. Think if you want to stay in cold places - hights (cities of La paz, oruro, Potosi), Valleys, or lowlands (hot and humid).
Lots of homework, that will help to start "chilling", Good luck

Feb 02, 2013
Sorry Bro...
by: TallCowboy0614

Bolivia is an excellent place to need a visa. AND your tourist visa will only let you stay 90 days. AND...not to be an ass....but if you really think it's as easy as you got lots of homework to do before you even THINK of leaving New Jersey. Google...make it your friend.

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