My wife and I are considering moving to bolivia

by Simon
(Swansea uk)

I am interested in tips and secrets re moving from uk to bolivia. I have a small cottage to rent here and will be able to generate a small income from the uk i might have enough for the house deposit thing you do there. And i have a tefal english certificate has anyone made this move how did your kids settle in to life there anything you would do differently?

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May 02, 2018
Stay away from this putrid little pond
by: Anonymous

Bolivia? Really? Why would you move here without a purpose? The people in Bolivia are corrupt, lazy, stupid, dirty, noisy, inconsiderate, ugly and desperate. If you can find a few rich parents to pay for their kids' English lessons you can probably use your TEFL certificate to earn enough to cover living expenses. But there are few people who have the capacity or the inclination to learn English. Why would they? They're not going anywhere they would need it.

Good luck finding any other job that pays more than about $300 (three hundred dollars) a month.

Bolivian culture is being led backwards by its moron president, trying to recapture its "glory" days of Earth worship and obscure indigenous languages that not even 5% of Bolivians can speak or write. They seem to relish in their ignorance and stupidity. The corrupt to the bone leaders would rather be big fish in a putrid pond than try to get their country into the modern world. Oh, and they are up to their eyeballs in narcotics trafficking.

Stay away from these people if you can. They are choking on their own misery and bitterness and they are too obstinate and stupid to do anything else.

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