Moving to Santa Cruz

by Wesley

Buenos dias! My name is Wesley, I'll be moving to Santa Cruz in April and getting married to my Bolivian fiance. I've got the VISA de Objecto Determinado and we'll get married in Bolivia. I've read the posts about the laundry list of requirements to get my residency and am not excited about all the lines I'll be standing in ;-)

I'm 33yo American and have been an expat for most of the last 13 years. I speak German, Serbo-Croat and am working on my Spanish. I have an MBA/finance and am wondering, what business and entrepreneurial opportunities may exist in Santa Cruz?

I would also like to meet fellow global vagabonds who call Santa Cruz home.

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Jun 03, 2013
Expat meet up
by: Wesley

Jenny, you said you and your husband would like to meet up, please feel free to email me at wesleyhaze (at) yahoo

My wife and I are always interested in meeting others!

May 23, 2013
by: Jenny

Congratulations Wesley, I hope you will enjoy married life in Bolivia :)

May 21, 2013
Thanks for the input!
by: Wesley

Update! I am now married to my girlfriend of more then three years! She is a Bolivian with an indigenous last name. Paul, I understand what you are saying and our NIT is already in HER name. We are both MBAs and I've done business in other LDCs such as Bosnia, BUT I will be slow to get involved in anything, last thing I want is to become another Ostreicher...

May 06, 2013
Business opportunities
by: Paul

Hi again Wesley
Bolivia on the face of it has many opportunities but!
Unfortunately i would advise to be very careful about investing into anything.
Two reasons
Bolivians see gringos as easy money to be had for no work.We all know that Bolivians just love to work hahah!!
And Evo Morales!! driving all foreign investment and people out!
I am one of the foreigners that as jenny said has now flown.After 2 yrs i gave up on the paper trail you are about to embark on.
Dont want to dampen your enthusiasim.
Just some real life comments

May 06, 2013
Good luck
by: Paul

I wish you all the success in the world .

May 02, 2013
by: Jenny

Hi. Congrats! We moved to Santa Cruz in March from England. Don't know about business opportunities, but your best bet to find other expats is by joining the country club, however I warn you that there are hardly any expats here anymore as the government kicked everyone out a while ago! We are struggling to meet anyone who is not native.
Good luck!

Apr 24, 2013
I also like S. C.
by: larry

I will be there in S.C. July & aug. to study Espanol &party. In also go hi volume dove shooting there.You are lucky to have found a wife there. They are awesome.I am looking.

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