Moving Household Items to Bolivia from the U.S.

by jd

I have priced having my items shipped from the US to Bolivia specifically Santa Cruz. I understand that there are some unknown fees that could occur if my items are held in a brokerage warehouse. Is anyone familiar with what usually happens when your items arrive in Bolivia? I have priced service door to door but they tell me things can still get caught up and have problems. My spouse is a returning Bolivian citizen and returning only with household items...what are the hidden fees?

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Feb 15, 2013
be aware of this
by: Anonymous

Just a heads up: to qualify for the duty free importation of household goods, you can't have been back in Bolivia for more than 30 days at a time in the past two years.

Feb 07, 2013
Questions about shipping household goods
by: Geddy

Hi JD,
I would really like to find out more about your experience shipping household goods to Santa Cruz. I am married to a Boliviana. I plan to take advantage of RM 096 which permits up to $50K US in used household goods to enter duty free. I also plan to put a camioneta (2012 Toyota Tacoma) in the same container, and I understand I must pay duty on the truck. I would like to know which shippers you recommend as well as customs agents in Santa Cruz. Any other recommendations you have would be much appreciated as well.

May 02, 2012
moving item to boliva
by: Anonymous

just made the move to items have arrived..if i can help..please send me your questions...


Apr 24, 2012
Importing household goods into Bolivia
by: Anonymous

You'll find the responses to some of your questions on this page:

Apr 24, 2012
I would also like an answer to this question
by: Anonymous

Thank you

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