Megacenter in La Paz, Bolivia

Megacenter is a large shopping mall in La Paz, Bolivia. This four-story mall is still rather empty-feeling and although it is highly publicized, it isn't the most exciting place to visit. The bottom floor is empty except for an entrance to a parking garage and a restaurant. The first floor has a few clothing boutiques, numerous shoe stores and banks along with several small kiosks selling purses and candies. The second floor, except for a lingerie shop, a clothing store, and an electronic items store, is otherwise completely dominated by an immense food court. The third floor is nearly empty as well, and is occupied primarily by a spa/gym, an indoor soccer court, and a bowling alley along with one toy store.

Most of the clothing stores are small, cater to teenagers and only carry small sizes. Most, if not all stores are excessively expensive, and there is also an arcade where more of your hard-earned money can be wasted. There is very little variety in this mall and it was very empty most of the time. Overall, a long walk through the mall with visits to most of the stores was boring and a waste of time.

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Feb 27, 2015
by: Anonymous


Jan 07, 2015
some answers...
by: Anonymous

you can get a raincoat in the megacenter of course.. just kidding.. in the sagarnaga street or the street close to it where they sell camping and climbing equipment.. I think the street name is "murillo"
y para el amigo chileno: existen librerias usto en el paseo del prado y tambien cerca de la plaza murillo, tambien si vas a correos ( la calle se llama "santa Cruz" es el final del prado) encontraras librerias donde venden libros sobre bolivia y calendarios.. espero haber espondido tu consulta:)

Jan 30, 2014
Mall to hang out
by: Anonymous

A mall as a hangout is a terrible invention and you, Bolivians are just falling into this trap. I travel a lot and here is what malls are about: get in - buy what you need - get out. Food in malls is junk, but here is the funniest thing about them: they are all the same exerywhere! Even the price tags. You enter a mall somewhere abroad and ups as if you did not leave your country. Bolivians, stay away from north american and european lifistyle inventions. We run away to Bolivia from all this crap.
PS:where in La Paz can I buy a decent rain coat?

Dec 13, 2013
by: Juan André

La verdad mi comentario no tiene nada que ver respecto al crecimiento del centro comercial, sino más bien se trata de una consulta. Este año me embarqué en un mochileo a Bolivia con unos amigos y la verdad me sorprendí mucho de su país: me fascinó tanto que este otro vuelvo para seguir encantándome de su cultura, paisajes, gente e historia. Sin embargo -y he ahí mi consulta- no hallé librerías donde poder catalogar y adquirir algún recuerdo. Quizá fue por falta de tiempo que no recorrí bien la ciudad, o tal vez, en el sector donde residí no habían (cerca del mercado Las Brujas, subiendo por la Iglesia San Francisco). Pero aprovechando que es un foro, me gustaría que me ayudasen dándome las ubicaciones de éstas, para este otro año ir con mayor seguridad. Les agradezco desde ya su ayuda.
Infinitamente, un chileno con mucho respeto.

Dec 09, 2013
better and better
by: Antonio Cann

The Mega Center is flourishing and I think negative comments are by jealous people. I am impressed with the cleanliness of the mall and it is one of the nicest in South America.

Dec 21, 2012
by: Boliviamama

This must have been written by someone who doesn't live in La Paz or hasn't been to the Mega recently. The place is PACKED! Especially on Wed's when any movie is 2 for 1. And every week there's something new opening up - has VIP movie theater, with recliners & sushi, a huge indoor paintball court, ice skating, tons of great food and activities. You need to update this page!!

Oct 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

Quite agree, not much of interest.

Mar 15, 2012
Appreciate the progress of our City
by: Anonymous

I do not know who wrote this article about Megacenter. Somebody that is not Bolivian of course, and somebody who does not really appreciate the progress we are having with this Megacenter. This is a nice place to hang out specially for young people.

La Paz is growing and improving everyday, it is so encouraging to see new projects like Megacenter. I hope we could have more.

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