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Fun and interesting facts about Bolivia for kids, teens, teachers and parents

Bolivia for Kids has more facts about Bolivia than you could possibly imagine! We're here to help you find all the information you need about Bolivia's people, culture, history, music, geography, holidays, food, and more for your school projects and reports about Bolivia.

Hi everyone! I'm Kricket, an American kid living in Bolivia. Learning should be fun. That's why my mom, the owner of this website, finally agreed to let me have my own blog. I'm going to make it even more fun to learn about Bolivia. You can place a Link to Bolivia for Kids on your school website so other kids can find us too. You can also follow us on Facebook... Twitter... Pinterest... Livestream... YouTube... or Cafepress... plus, we've posted over 150 slideshows of Bolivia on TripAdvisor. And if you subscribe to the BoliviaBella.com Official Blog you'll be notified when I post something new on mine! Read my blog posts below:

Bolivia for Kids Blog

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1-28-2015 - Bolivia Has Over 30 Native Cultures and Official Languages! 
Hello everyone. It's time for our Bolivia Fact of the Week where I show you an interesting fact you probably didn't know about Bolivia. But first, let …

1-22-2015 Bolivia's Wacky Wildlife: The Andean Flamingo 
WACKY WILDLIFE! Hello everyone and welcome to our first ever Wacky Wildlife post on the Bolivia for Kids Blog. In our monthly posts about wildlife in …

1-14-15 Fun and Exciting Bolivia Puzzles plus Jaguar Awareness! 
Hello it's me Kricket and I have some amazing news! We have been running the Bolivia for Kids blog for a full week now. Today we will be talking about …

1-13-2015 Fun Bolivian Food for Kids to Make plus the Bolivia Fact of the Week 
Welcome to the first official blog post for the Bolivia for Kids blog. Today I will answer a question I was asked on last week's post and introduce a …

1-9-2015 Introducing the new Bolivia for Kids blog! 
Happy New Year! Hey guys my name is Kricket. BoliviaBella.com has been online for 7 years now, and to kick off the New Year I will be starting a new Bolivia …

1-21-2015 Plurinational State Foundation Day and a NEW Prehistoric Bolivia Blog Not rated yet
Tomorrow, on January 22nd, Bolivia celebrates Plurinational State Foundation Day. President Evo Morales renamed Bolivia from "Republic of Bolivia" to …

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