How to send money OUT of Bolivia...?

So... We sold our car and now we want to send the money to our account outside of Bolivia. We have an account with BCP but they say they can't do it.
We went to Edmund travel (where we normally change Dollars to Bolivianos), but now they don't do giros either. Does anyone know a safe and inexpensive way to send money?

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Dec 18, 2012
Yeah, what he/she said...
by: Paul Danielson

Every bank can do wire transfers these days (and for many eons past). We send money easily from Mercantile Bank in Santa Cruz to our different accounts in the USA. Can't remember what it costs, but if I remember correctly, it is cheaper than both Western Union and/or Moneygram, both of which are pretty reasonable as well.

If your bank says they don't do it, talk to a manager, or get a different bank.

Dec 18, 2012
A bank that can't do wire transfers?
by: Anonymous

What? A bank like BCP cannot do a wire transfer? That is insane.

Western Union (found in most of the DHL offices) is one way that isn't too expensive. You can send money overseas for about $100 for each $2000 you send. But the problem with Western Union (or MoneyGram, which is found in most Banco Nacional de Bolivia banks) is that you have to send your money to someone else and it seems you are trying to send it to yourself.

I don't get it. How can a bank not allow you to make a wire transfer? Every bank can do wire transfers. Are you sure you told them that you need to make a "giro bancario"? You cannot do that at the cashiers. In most Bolivian banks you have to go to their "comercio exterior" officer to do it.

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