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The following are some famous actors in Bolivia. You can read about more famous Bolivians by visiting our Famous People from Bolivia home page where you'll find many other categories. You can also ask questions about any famous Bolivian person or add another famous person from Bolivia to our list.

Reynaldo Pacheco
A Bolivian Actor in Hollywood. In his short but fruitful career he has worked with academy award winners such as Christopher Plummer in Beginners, Ernest Borgnine in The Man who shook the Hand of Vicente Fernandez, and Gary Sinise in CSI NY. He has also worked with other movie stars such as Maria Conchita Alonzo, Kate del Castillo, Christian Slater, Yvette Yates, Carla Ortiz, and TV Stars such as Eva Longoria, Guillermo Diaz, Judy Reyes, and Oscar Nunez. This young man is an upcoming movie star.

Raquel Welch
Her real name is Jo Raquel Tejada (Welch is the last name of her first husband). Her father was Armando Carlos Tejada Urquizo, a Bolivian aeronautical engineer who emigrated to the U.S. at age 17. Raquel Welch was born in Chicago in 1940. She became a sex symbol in 1966 when she starred in a remake of "One Million Years B.C." She has starred in dozens of movies and TV movies and shows. In 1974, she won a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Actress in a Musical or Comedy for The Three Musketeers. In 1999 Raquel Welch visited Bolivia for the first time, as the star guest of the first Iberoamerican Film Festival.

Jorge Ortiz
A movie actor born in Tarija in 1956, he is one of the longest-running actors. He debuted with Sanjinés decades ago and has participated in more than 10 national movies and two foreign movies.

Arturo Lora
A movie actor born in Santa Cruz de la Sierra in 1950, he began as a tramoyista and theater stenographer’s assistant. He later became a member of the Casateatro and Tiquiminiqui theater groups in his city. He debuted in films in the 1990’s and has participated in four movies. The last was directed by his son, a director, who has the same name.

David Mondacca
A movie and theater actor, he is without a doubt the most prolific Bolivian actor. He’s acted in over twenty films and more than one hundred plays. He founded an acting group called Quartocreciente, which continues today. He has also participated in movies by other Latin American directors and in film festivals both nationally and internationally.

David Santalla
A movie and theater actor born in La Paz in 1936. Although he is known as a comedian and theater actor, he has also acted in at least seven national films. He dedicates most of his time to his own theater works and satire.

Eduardo Hoffmann
A movie actor and theater director, born in La Paz in 1956. Because his family emigrated to the United States when he was young, he has spent most of his career in that country, participating in Westerns, and later in theater, mini-series, and television movies. He has also worked as a producer, and has directed and acted in musicals and operas in the United States, one of which he brought to Bolivia recently.

Milton Córtez
A movie and television actor and singer born in Trinidad (Beni) in 1962. He was a singer first, and recorded half a dozen albums. He later entered the theater and movies debuting in Santa Cruz in a mini-series. Later he moved to Mexico where he spent most of the remainder of his career and remains today, as one of the famous actors in soap operas and movies.

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