Can a foreigner living in Bolivia get Bolivian citizenship?

I'm a foreigner living in Bolivia. Can I get Bolivian citizenship? Or can I only get residency? How many years must I live in Bolivia before I can request Bolivia citizenship?

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Jul 29, 2016
i sosbect all redy
by: Anonymous

because there is no any information like hand by hand
I think there is nothing

May 15, 2016
How to get Bolivian Citizenship ?
by: Korim

Dear All , I want to visit bolivia for tour . if i like it then i want to stay in Bolivia . So how i will renew tourist visa for 1 year and continue it ?

Mar 08, 2015
Bolivian Citizenship Test
by: Anonymous

Any good resource(s) on preparing for the Bolivian citizenship test? Thanks

Mar 27, 2014
Citizenship in Bolivia
by: Daniel Foley

We are Experts in Migration aspects, feel free to contact us if you are living in La Paz Bolivia or passing through.

° Memoriales
° Residencia Temporal de 1 año
° Residencia Temporal de 2 años
° Residencia Temporal de 2 años (Amnistía hasta
4 de Junio 2014)
° Permanencia en Bolivia
° SEGIP: Identificación Extranjero en Bolivia

NB: Llamar por citar su visita (76720090/78837223)

Oct 20, 2013
need to know
by: Anonymous

I am from Colombia.I want to live, and work in Bolivia

Oct 20, 2013
I am from Colombia
by: Anonymous

Can I live, and work in Bolivia. I want to know.

Jul 23, 2013
Bolivian Citizenship
by: ekt

I have been living in bolivia for two years and my husband is bolivian. Now I am making ready my documents for bolivian citizenship. In the required document they said that I have to give an interview, does anybody know how will be the interview and what they will ask me?

May 20, 2013
to get Bolivian citizenship
by: Nina

Hi, I have a European citizenship and I married to a Bolivian. We intend to move and live in Bolivia in the future. I wonder if I can apply and get Bolivian citizenship before we move there. Grateful if anyone can give me advice and guidance.

Apr 30, 2013
recidence in Bolivia
by: Anonymous

I live in bolivia since 2005,stayed in jail for four year ¨ley 1008¨ my case ended in 2010/2011.
i have two childrens with a bolivian woman,have tried a lot of easy ways to become a bolivian and nothing,the problem is dont have $$$ if someone can guide me please.My
Note:I applied for a new passport/birth certificate a month ago or better to say my application went to my country(south Africa) in April and my Embassy said it will take 3 to 6 months for the new documents to arrive,thanks

Jan 09, 2013
Bolivian Residence vs. Bolivian Citizenship
by: Anonymous

I am in my third year of legal residence of Bolivia. Some of the information I have read in this post is correct, some is incorrect and some is flat out wrong. Having waited days in the immigration line in Cochabamba and months for my visas and carnets, I'm sorry to say some of the questions here raises my blood pressure. For instance...Once I get it do I have to live there? Yes you do!!! I need a passport from Bolivia or any South American you don't know where you want to live or are you running from the law and need a place to hide. If you are serious about living in Bolivia go to the nearest Bolivian embassy or consulate and inquire there. You have to anyway because you need a special purpose visa. You cannot arrive in Bolivia illegally, over stay your visa or arrive on a tourist visa and become a legal resident!! Forget about getting a Bolivian passport unless you become a legal resident first. If you are married to a Bolivian or have a Bolivian child you must wait two years to become a Bolivian citizen. It's three years if you become a legal resident thru other categories. Immigration regulations are spelled out in the pamphlet Regimen Legal de Migracion, Decreto Supremo No. 24423 dated 29 Nov 1996. Don't think you can sneak across the border and grab (or buy) a Bolivian passport, you might end up in a Bolivian prison for a couple of years awaiting trial!

Nov 28, 2012
Citizenship for siblings
by: Anonymous

If you have a child born in Bolivia, the parents have the option to become Bolivian citizens. But what about the Bolivian child's sibling who is of a different nationality? Would the option to apply for citizenship be extended sibling as well?

Oct 28, 2012
Bolivian Passport
by: Isam Wali

I want to apply for a Bolivian Passport and become Bolivian Citizen. How I can get it, and what's the options, as immigration passport and business investment passport.

I need all requirements on business investment passport. and how much I must invest, and is it possible to recover the amount again? and It's a must to live in Bolivia?

Any one have a solution, Contact me

Jun 29, 2012
Need bolivia passport
by: Anonymous

I need a bolivia passport or any countries from south america. Please contact me

May 15, 2012
Nationalization Documentation
by: Anonymous

Hi---Any information about the documentation required for citizenship? This question from outside Bolivia. Gracias

May 13, 2012
wants to buy bolivan passport
by: Anonymous

hi . i live in chile for the last 4 years. i want bolivan passport .i know in boliva many peoples can make passport . as orignal . can any body do this for me i will pay it . thsi is a deal .

Apr 30, 2012
Bolivian nationality
by: Anonymous

citizenship or naturalization can be obtained in Bolivia in the following:

As per the article number 142, any foreigners who are married to a Bolivian citizens or a parent of children who are born in Bolivia have the right to obtain Bolivian nationality.

In both the cases the person MUST have lived in Bolivia for a period of 2 years without interruption (your permanent residency gets invalid if you stay away from the country for over 6 months continuously) to apply for the nationality.

In the case of naturalization based on residency, the person must live in Bolivia for a period of 5 years in the country.

You do not need to hire any lawyer as the process is very straightforward and simple as long as you do have all your documentation in order. The whole process should not take more than 2 months, but you always need to follow up with immigration office of the city where you apply the nationality.

Please go to the nearest immigration office of your city and ask for the requirement.

Nov 11, 2010
Visit to Bolivia
by: Waheed Javed

I am willing to visit Bolivia, I want to know if I want to know how can I apply for a visa in Pakistan and what they will need for. If they ask for invitation then how it will be possible for that I am visiting bolivia for the first time, because I dont know anyone in Bolivia. What will be the solution for it.

Once I am granted a visa for Bolivia for how long I could stay there, and If someone entered without visa how he will legalise himself there?
Thanks a lot

Aug 31, 2010
Benefactor in Bolivia Program
by: BoliviaBella

You are the second person to ask us about this program, which I have never ever heard of. I'll see if I can find out something.

Aug 31, 2010
Reputable,Honest Immigraton Lawyer-Benefactor Program
by: Anonymous

Can you recommend someone who will see that any passport granted is legitimate, including entry into the government's computer? (No reflection on Bolivia, but there aew all sorts of passport scams around the world.) This is in particular reference to Bolivia's "Benefactor to Bolivia" program, which ensures a quick passport upon a donation to a quasi-governmental organization, perhaps in the field of forestry, education, etc.
Thi program is described on several pages in the Bolivia chaper in Bob Baumann's "Passport Book", 7th ed.

May 27, 2010
Can a foreigner living in Bolivia get Bolivian citizenship?
by: BoliviaBella

We asked today at the Immigration office in Santa Cruz. What they told us was that foreigners can apply for "naturalization" just prior to their 2-year residency expiring.

The first time you come to Bolivia you get one year of residency.

When this is about to expire you renew and get 2 years of residency.

When this 2-year residency is about to expire you renew and get 5 years of residency.

And finally, when your 5-year residency is about to expire, you can request indefinite residency - which means you are a permanent resident and do not need to continue renewing your residency any more. However, this is not citizenship or naturalization. It is simply residency.

Foreigners who would like citizenship in Bolivia (called naturalization) can request it just prior to their 2-year residency expiring. (Instead of going on to renew your residency for 5 years).

Please do not take this as legal advice. We simply asked immigration officials for you.

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